Truth about Confederate flag needs telling

Monday, December 10, 2007

On Nov. 29 The Times and Democrat published an article written by Charley Reece on the Confederate flag being flown and honored.

This needed to be said. Other groups, which project hate toward people and their heritage, including the KKK and the NAACP, have misused this honorable symbol for their own purposes. Disrespecting the flag only shows that groups are attempting to be politically correct but are historically stupid by not reading and seeking the truth and only believing the misinformation taught in history books by Northern writers.

Some groups of people are easily influenced and believe everything the government and its biased supporters stated about the Confederate flag and Southern heritage. To the winners of a conflict go the spoils, which included their side of an issue, and their opinions are biased and slanted to make them appear correct. When people are taught that the Confederate flag represents hate toward minorities, and this misinformation is repeated thousands of times in schools and by children’s parents, then sooner or later the people believe this information as the truth and they have internalized these concepts as being correct.

The Confederate flag only flew for four years of the Civil War and represented the Southern people and our ideas and the Constitution as it was written, which allowed any state to secede from the Union of States. The U.S. flag, i.e. the Stars and Stripes, flew over flagships whose crews bought slaves and transported them to various locations and sold them. The Stars and Stripes flew over ships and Union buildings for many years during the 1800s when slavery was legal, so why isn’t this flag viewed as a racist symbol?

The North invaded the South, which was done by Abe Lincoln without congressional approval, and over 660,000 Americans were killed in Lincoln’s war. If people would read true history books like "The South was Right," "In the Course of Human Events," "The Real Abe Lincoln," "Was Jefferson Davis Right," just for starters these uninformed groups of people would realize the government has lied about the Civil War and has continued to mislead the public.

Charley Reece is a noted writer and historian of this conflict and his article was bold and the truth and he wasn’t attempting to be politically correct. Good job, Mr. Reese.

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