The Honorable Joe Sparcino, the real and Past Commander of the Sons of Confederate Veterans Dixie Defenders Camp of Cross City, Florida, would call and inform me that the Martin Luther King Peace March committee under the direction of its Chair, the Honorable Angela Carter, had once again asked the Sons to participate in the annual parade honoring the Dream of King. The Sons and Joe would lead that parade to the delight of all gathered. The Table of Brotherhood had been set. King’s Dream on this day would come to life in Cross City.

However, in my hometown of Asheville, North Carolina, that same scenario would be playing out as I too carrying the banner of the Southern Cross would lead hundreds through the streets in its Martin Luther King Peace March. Yet the so called newspaper, the Asheville Citizen Times, in its depiction of the events of the day would do everything to conceal the Confederate Battle Flag that I carried in this parade, but they could not hide the fact that I was adorned in a Confederate Flag jacket and was at the head of the parade. The Dream as reported was tainted by those who felt the need for censor, and not truth. When the citizenry have and depend on fair and unbiased reporting, that only applies to the murderers, rapists, thug politicians, or whatever, and however they choose to report what they want the people to know.

I surmise that the Yankee run papers who have lodged themselves in the South are no better than the public school system forced upon us in 1865, whose design was to divide and separate Southern Blacks and Southern Whites with their policy of divide and conquer, and depiction of the honorable men and women who just wanted out from their tyranny as Rebels and traitors. King’s Dream is as worthless as the Emancipation Proclamation if Yankees are the ones to prepare it. They don’t want the people of the South at any table, let alone the one where they will come together to learn the truth that has kept apart since the Honorable Robert E. Lee signed that treaty that he would later regret at Appomattox Courthouse on April 9, 1865.

I was so honored at the reception I received by the participants in this parade, but the Dream of King has no chance because those who hate us will only promote their lies. Men like Mitt Romney can profess his hatred of the Southern Cross, have his Church Doctrine read tha African people are an inferior race, yet gloss the covers of Southern newspapers like this one with his snake oil salesman smile with no recourse from the papers like this, or the so called Southern politicians who embrace them. Just as the Black Confederate soldier would retort when asked to sign the Yankee Loyalty Oath, and gain his release from the Yankee Prisoner of War Camp because his master had done so; No, Master aint got no shame or honor. Neither has the Asheville Citizen Times when it comes to reporting the truth without the leadership of Virgil Smith who has long since gone from this Southern town that has been occupied by those who hate Southern.

HK Edgerton