Confederate Truth is beginning to be believed
Anyone with at least one eye and a lick of sense realizes that academia for over a century and a half (beginning during Reconstruction) has brainwashed the nation’s students, teachers, preachers, and the editors, news reporters, and politicians to be,  as well as all others destined to become voters.  The brainwash, sloshed over young brains, took a hideous effect.  It has given us generations of Americans who sincerely believe that the secession of the South from the USA government was treasonous –that Jeff Davis and Robert E. Lee should have been hung — that the Republican Party was created by the finest Americans—nary a Marxist among them — that the Invasion of the South was done by Saint Abe Lincoln’s wonderful Republican army to free slaves and that every Confederate child knew this to be true–that the victors wrote and spoke the truth, while the losers lied.
Confederate descendants have made little or no effort to counter these Marxist-created teachings, have even meekly accepted the word "indivisible" placed in the Pledge of Allegiance— placed there as a direct insult to all of our Confederate ancestors. That "indivisible" word serves as absolute Yankee proof that not a single state could legally leave the all powerful central government–that Confederates, each and everyone–even babies and ladies committed treason (just as Sherman contended).   WHAT A MONSTROUS LIE! And how cleverly it was told by that Socialist, that defrocked Baptist Minister, Frances Bellamy, an ardent worshipper at the shrine of Lincoln.
The Bellamy lie has been believed for generations by dumbed-down Americans whose classrooms were emptied of historical truth concerning even the founding of our nation as well as with the hiding of the real truth – for example, that the right of secession was even taught at West Point for years before the Republicans’ War and that on several occasions the New England states, themselves, — began the process of secession –that Mr. Lincoln’s War was not declared by Congress but by a despotic U.S. President.
(Hey! Now we know where Bush and Obama got their ideas that Congress is not necessary for declarations of War.)
Sadly, every crop of our young lawyers never, during their law classes on the Constitution, actually study the meanings of the CONSTITUTION–only the conclusions reached by politicians, who were, because of their affiliation and contributions to a political party, appointed to the nation’s courts.
Why has a lie about Secession been engraved in so many American brains for so many years? Why have Confederate descendants elected to conveniently "forget" the past and forgive those who continue to sin against truth? Is treason, the reason–treason to the principles of our Confederacy? -or is brainwashing the reason? –slow, insidiously clever mind bending administered by innocent but ignorant teachers throughout the nation?
Forgiveness in advance?  How sweet it is—-for the ones who so love to spit in the face of truth and insult the memories of some of the finest men and women this world has ever known.
So now we learn that more Americans are finally learning the truth that our South actually had the legal and moral right to secede.  One thing for sure — Americans are not learning truth from the newspapers or the television reporters.  They are not learning the truth in kindergarten classes or in graduate classrooms.  They are learning it in the only manner now possible in America–from word of mouth and from the writings of a limited number of brave, brave iconoclastic authors and from blogs and newsletters on Internet.
Thanks be to God.  Deo Vindice.