The NAACP is supposed to be an organization that focuses on the advancement of colored people as their name suggest. But lately NAACP Chairman of the Board has been focusing less on the advancement of colored people and more ont he destruction of the South’s culture and symbols. Recent news headlines suggest that the NAACP is experiencing financial woes and that their membership is down. Perhaps this is why Julian Bond continously refers to the Confederate Battle Flag as the "Confederate Swastika". If the recent news stories are any indication of the condition that the NAACP is in, then maybe Julian Bond should spend more time trying to help fellow African -Americans improve their lives, rather than trying to destroy the South’s culture and symbols. In addition we recommend that you click on the following links regarding the NAACP. They will show the NAACP’s true agenda as well as now former President of the NAACP Kweisi Mfume ‘s association with such radical groups as The New Black Panther’s and Al Sharpton, as well as Mfume’s anti-gun agenda. It is our most sincere hope that the NAACP would elect non-racist, non-socialist more responsible leardership in the future.

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