Albany Herald Newspaper Refuses Article- Truth About Andersonville POW Prison
TO: James Gaston-Chairman Wirz Memorial Service Andersonville Georgia
Jim Hendricks refuses to allow me to write an article telling the truth about Andersonville and publish it in the Albany Herald. Read his reply below. I expected this. Each year we pay $1000 and have a color paid ad in the Herald that features a Confederate hero. I will plan to do one on Wirz next year. This way I can get the facts published unless he refuses a paid ad.
James King
SCV Camp Commander
Albany Georgia

Re: Andersonville Facts vs Lies and Propaganda
What you’ve expressed here is mainly your opinion of people and their motivations, along with comparisons to other historical war and political figures that may or may not be applicable, not facts. For instance, comparing the Wirz trial to Charles I is hyperbole at best.
I’ve yet to find any substantiation that only 9 percent of prisoners in Confederate-run camps died. The numbers are consistent across the board of sources I’ve found, and since I have no firsthand knowledge of anything that happened a century before I was born I see little recourse other than to go with sources that I have found to be accurate on other things that I can compare.
I’m going to have to decline the offer. I’m not going to publish a news article that is based on what a particular writer has decided is truth while summarily discounting any and all contradictory information as bogus propaganda. Referring to the Union leaders and their "ilk" and comparing Dana to Gobbles knock out any thought I might have that your approach on an article like this would be a fair representation.
Jim Hendricks–Editor Albany Herald

TO; Jim Hendricks-Editor Albany Herald
The 1st part posted below is Union Sec. of War Stanton’s figures and the 2nd part is Union Surgeon General Barnes’ figures.
12% of CSA POW’s died in Northern prisons and 9% of Union POW’s died in CSA prisons.
The North captured 220,000 CSA soldiers and the South captured 270,000 Union soldiers.
At Andersonville the death rates were higher because Sherman had stolen, burned, and destroyed food sources in Georgia and Northern authorities refused to help their own people and ignored and refused CSA pleas to help suffering Union POW’s.
Lincoln, Grant, and Stanton denied exchange. Col. Ould the CSA exchange commissioner told Northern authorities to "come get them without exchange-we cannot feed and care for them."  The CSA authorities tried to get the North to send doctors and medicine to treat their own people. They refused. They refused to take their own men without exchange being required. CSA Col. Ould finally asked the Northern authorities "Are You People Monsters"?
Part of the food distribution system problem was not having bowls to put food in. The North refused to send these food bowls. As I told you in the previous e-mail, the Union POW’s knew who was responsible for their suffering and they cursed Lincoln, Grant, and Stanton daily.
I know Eric Leonard. He attends the annual memorial service for Capt. Wirz that we in the SCV have in Andersonville each November. He would lose his job if he told the truth. The USA National Park Service that pay’s his salary expects him to tell the Yankee lies and propaganda.
The Wirz trial was a farce. Only 2 other trials in the past 400 years of English and American history equal it–The trial of English King Charles I and his beheading by Oliver Cromwell and the trial of Mrs. Mary Surrat and hanging after Lincoln’s assassination. The key witness committed perjury and had never been at Andersonville. 11 days after Wirz was hanged it was discovered he was a deserter from a NY regiment and had never been at Andersonville but was a superb and convincing liar. The Yankee Military Tribunal never apologized. The barbaric Yankees cut up Wirz’s body parts and displayed them at various locations in the North.
The real war criminals were the Yankees. At the top of the list are Lincoln, Grant, Stanton, Sherman, Sheridan and others of this ilk. And let’s not forget Charles Anderson Dana, Lincoln’s Assistant Sec. of War–an avowed Communist and master propagandist equalling or exceeding the ability of Hitler’s chief propagandist Joseph Goebbels. Dana and Stanton turned out reams of lies and propaganda. Were all these lies and propaganda believed? You bet your boots they were. He had New England preachers standing in the church pulpits saying every man, woman, and child in the South should be exterminated.
The question is "Are you willing to publish an article in the Herald that tells the truth about Andersonville"? If so I have the facts to write it.
James W. King
SCV Camp Commander
Albany Ga.
I have the facts and data a small part of which is posted below–based on Federal Reports.
There is no purpose in this history to recount the cruelties practiced during the great struggle of the South for independence, and hence no account will be given of the atrocities at Camp Douglas , Rock Island , Elmira , Point Lookout or anywhere perpetrated by Federal subordinates in charge of Confederate prisoners. There were sufferings in all prisons and brutalities perpetrated in this as in other wars, but the proofs furnished by the evidence of General Butler, by the orders of Federal military officers, by the orders and communications of General Grant, and by the reports of Secretary Stanton, all of which are of record, fix the responsibility of this uncivilized mode of war upon the Federal administration. Secretary Stanton’s report of July 19, 1866, shows that 26,246 Confederate soldiers died in Northern prisons, and 25,576 Union soldiers died in Southern prisons. Twelve per cent of the Confederate prisoners who fell into Northern captivity died notwithstanding all the facilities for receiving food, clothing, medicines and healthful conditions which the United States unquestionably possessed, while in the absence of these requisites on the part of the Confederacy the astonishing fact appears that less than nine per cent of the Union soldiers in Southern hands died in prisons. It is indisputably established that the Confederate authorities constantly pressed exchanges on equal terms, that they acceded to terms that were unequal for the sake of exchange, that they proposed many measures of relief which. were denied, that at length the most pitiable and unusual of all spectacles occurred when a deputation of Union soldiers appeared in Washington , sent by Mr. Davis to plead for release by fair exchange, and to plead in vain.
” There is, however, no use to quote any man, when we have official returns of the United States Surgeon General Barnes showing that a much greater number of Confederates died in Northern prisons than of Federals in Southern stockades; and this in spite of the fact that we held 50,000 more Federals in captivity than the Yankee had of our soldiers. In round numbers they had only 220,000 Confederates; we held 270,000 Federals. Of these only 22,576 died on our hands; whilst, of the 220,000 men held in Northern prisons, 26,436 died. In other words, with about 50,000 more prisoners to feed and guard we had a loss of nearly 4,000 less than the Union people lost of our men.” “The per cent, of Federal deaths was under nine in Southern prisons: the per cent, of Confederate deaths in Yankee prisons was over twelve.” And that, too with the markets of the world open to them for all needed supplies, and their bank-vaults full to overflowing with gold and greenbacks with which to purchase! Query; If in our poverty, we saved three per cent, more lives than they, what per cent, might they have saved through their wealth, if they had been willing?
Repeated efforts have been made to disprove, or somehow dispose of, these official figures of Surgeon General Barnes. They are so convincing and cruelly condemnatory that they cannot be endured. Unfortunately for our friends, the enemy, their shame and the attempt to hide it came all too late. The report of Dr. Barnes is quoted by Vice-President A. H. Stevens, in his great volume—“The War Between the States.” And it has editorial mention in “The National Intelligencer” of Washington, June 2, 1869. No such report can now be found! Nor is any knowledge of its existence admitted by any Department of the Government. Its disappearance is a mystery, but one not so hard to explain as the frequent reference to it by Southern orators who couldn’t have seen what never existed. And the failure of Northern speakers and writers to deny its damaging showing for many years is even more a mystery. When Georgia Senator Benjamin Harvey Hill quoted it in 1876 in the U.S. Senate, why was it not questioned? Why?