The True Spirit of the South


RE: July 4th

Dear SHNV Friends,

There are many negatives about being an American political and cultural dissident. Even the most reconstructed of Southerners have been forced to recognize the vast gulf between themselves and the yankeefied agnostic nation that surrounds us. Monuments are generally rarely-to-never erected to such brave and insightful people which makes it all the more remarkable and amazing that so many identify with and
honour those who organized and fought for the Confederate States of America against the United States of America.

Southerners and other Christians who resist any totalitarian state are demonized, feared and shunned by many whose love and respect they desire and cherish. A few of us are outspoken with enough clarity to draw the
fire of the all powerful central states. In the USA the FBI places us on their PD (potentially dangerous) List, taps our phones, reads our electronic communications and sometimes invites us to discuss our views
and activities with them. It is likely we can expect more and more of the later. The less orthodox Christian churches work to keep us out of positions of leadership, or worse they disfellowship those who offend
their sense of agnostic modernity with their traditional religious beliefs and practices and historical and non-Marxists political views.

A very young Facebook friend wrote one of my discussion groups concerning their observations about July the 4th. He is not atypical of reconstructed Southern youth. While dissatisfied with the current
treatment of the South he is proud of the USA. He lives in a nationalistic illusion in a carefully constructed totalitarian matrix.  He is blind to such vital issues as . . .

1) The Declaration of Independence has been reinterpreted and presented in our schools to our children as a socialist "document/doctrine of equality",

2) The Constitution of the U.S. was destroyed by The U.S. War to Prevent Southern Independence (most discussion about the U.S. Constitution now is little more than sentimental chatter rejected by our leading

3) The same war destroyed the "independence",

4) "sovereignty" and

5) "self-government" of all the component States establishing a "nation" (a new nation) in the place of the previous free Republic with the commensurate sentiments and pledge of obedience by those over whom the
central government now rules.

Exactly what do people celebrate on July the 4th? It is little more than lost dreams of classical concepts of freedom and liberty. Too many people are happy to drink the nationalistic Cool-Aid and have done so
while feeling very good about themselves and just how fortunate they are that a powerful government and military are now there to protect and guide them. Unity with criminals and pagans is not a legitimate goal,
but righteousness, justice, liberty, freedom and civil independence are legitimate goals.

I am not so arrogant as to present myself as an "American", but as a Virginian with Carolinian roots who seeks to honour his God. Canadians, Brazilians, Mexicans, etc. are all “Americans.” I am not one with them
and I have no desire to become one of them. I do not want their values or their national resources.

The "Republic" of the USA does not exist, though many do not know the value of the quality of life we have lost and do not see through the present illusionary agnostic and Marxist matrix. Those who think today’s
"Americanism" is the view of our Founder’s then they have to totally redefine "freedom" and "liberty" or stop drinking the Kool-Aid.

It was the American socialists who dreamed of the principles expressed in the U.S. Pledge of Allegiance and saw us as “one nation.” The concept is silly at best and the vile dream of people like Lincoln and other
world centralizers like Hitler, Stalin, Ho, etc. Their concepts are those of centrists and do not resemble those of the U.S. Founder’s and writers of the U.S. Constitution. On July the 4th I celebrate that which most of our community hates . . . freedom, liberty and independence.

God will vindicate us for our faithfulness.

Timothy D. Manning, M.Div
Executive Director
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