Mr. Ed Kelly’s on-line remarks related to the field troop flag of the CSA Army of Northern Virginia
I was unable to find a link to submit follow-up remarks, thus am leaving my comments for your disposal:
I certainly hope that most of your readers have a better education than Mr. Ed Kelly.  The flag that he refers to as the Confederate Flag, is actually the primary troop identification flag of the Army of Northern Virginia.
The Confederate States of America had a First National Flag (the Stars and Bars), which was replaced by the Second National Flag (the Stainless Banner), which was replaced by the Third National Flag (the Unsurrendered Banner).
There were scores of troop identification flags used throughout the CSA army.  THIS troop flag of the Army of Northern Virginia has elements of the Scottish Saltire, elements of the St. Andrews Cross, and a very eye-appealing color combination, which is probably why it has been repeatedly appropriated for use as a representation for many things IT IS NOT!
To me, this is one of the most beautiful flags ever created, and represents a sense of freedom and dignity that is being removed from society.  All acts of vandalism and remarks of hate against this banner are against the Christian Cross, as well as against Scotland, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of men, women and children who died in this completely unnecessary war!