The trend is iron-clad


For years we’ve been racking up statistical proof, quite often from hostile sources, that the traditional South has a higher proportion of decent-minded people in it than other regions. This is the Christmas stocking of our Cause — the gravy — having outsiders and enemies chart the extent to which our people are by and large the salt of the earth. This is not to brag or feed our vanity, but merely to further vindicate our work and bely all the calumny "intellectuals" constantly heap on us.

I don’t have time to dig very deep into this batch of stuff, but it appears to add quite nicely to the file. Hot diggety, Georgia gets 2 more gold medals and New York a lead one!

US personality maps

I ("Scronx") chronicled this trend for some time in the Nationalist Times newspaper’s online discussion forum:

Folks, if we want to get this job done, we’ve got to strategically blow our own horn loud and often. Let’s continue to chronicle, archive, showcase and ratchet up such facts as these without ceasing. KEEP good, worthwhile stuff PERMANENTLY handy for ready deployment at any instant — your kid’s school report, a letter to the editor or the politician, a printout to share at the water cooler, that street-level front window of your house that HASN’T GOT ANYTHING IN IT YET.

It takes seconds to open a new document in Word and start collecting high-octane web links for sharing, as they come to you. I send my list so often I don’t have to update the file anymore — just search a recent version among sent emails and doctor it as needed.

Y’all who haven’t made any noise lately, what’s to stop you from at least (for instance) writing SHNV.NET with a wide marker on a piece of paper and taping it to your car window? Or SCV.ORG, or whatever floats your boat?

"/\/ehemiah" \/\/aller