Trejbal Editorial



A copy of my letter to the editor on the flag issue:

To the Editor:

I seem to remember that this country once had a Constitution and that said Constitution once had a First Amendment which guaranteed, among other things, freedom of expression. I also seem to remember that as a representative republic, the nation was supposed to be subject to the will of the MAJORITY always providing that the actual rights of the minority were not abridged.

Today, both of these concepts seem in doubt. We are being ruled by an invention of the ‘progressive/liberal’ ideology which has been dubbed ‘political correctness’. Freedom of expression which is guaranteed by the Constitution is forced to bow to freedom from being offended, something that is certainly NOT guaranteed by either law or custom. In the same way, some minorities have become so powerful under political correctness that their wishes are allowed to overcome the will of the majority even to the point wherein the rights of the majority are either ignored or rejected outright.

The opposition to the Confederate battle flag and its public display together with the care and display of other symbols of the former Confederacy is one such issue in which the will of the majority which has been stated – sometimes through the ballot – is being nullified in the name of the ‘politically correct’ right not to be offended. In the same way, those who defend the symbols of their heritage find themselves labeled racist or bigot. When those so labeled occupy positions of authority whether public or private, they often forfeit their right to freedom of speech since such ‘hot button’ labels can lead to a loss of employment or a career ending incident. All of this is entirely contrary to our nation’s laws. It is a subversive attempt to overcome Constitutional guarantees and the very nature of our system of government all in the name of ‘tolerance’ (which political correctness does not demonstrate) and diversity (which political correctness certainly is not).

If the matter of the display of the Confederate battle flag or any other symbol of the past is of concern, then put the issue on the ballot in a referendum and let the people of Virginia decide. Let the system put in place over 200 years ago work rather than permitting a particular ideology and favored minority group dictate to the people what is and is not going to be public policy. THAT is tyranny and has no place in the United States.

Valerie Protopapas
Huntington Station, New York