Trejbal Editorial


I have posted the following regarding Trejbal’s attack on the Confederate Battle Flag:

Mr. Trejbal wrote, "The flag also symbolizes rebellion, insurrection and even treason. The armies that carried it into battle sought to sunder a great nation."

"Mr. Trejbal, Is this the way you would characterize the original 13-starred American flag? Did it represent "rebellion, insurrection and even treason?" What nation did the American colonies of 1776 seek to sunder?

"The Confederacy only exercised the same fundamental right of secession that the colonies did in 1776. There was never an intent to invade and conquer the North as the North did the South. Perhaps you need a history lesson."

Jerry C. Brewer, Camp Commander
Privates Grayson & Brewer SCV Camp, 2118
Elk City, Oklahoma