From: Craig Maus <>
Date: Thu, Sep 22, 2011
Subject: Fw: TRANSFORMATION will end in CONFLICT….and MORE !

Dear Brethren (hundreds bcc herein),
The communiqué below was issued 1 1/2 years ago. It was one of many !
The Collapse & Social Chaos associated with today was equally detailed & predicted.
Once the monetary system of the former Republic was compromised, it was just a question of time before we would become all that Marx & Engel detailed in their Manifesto.
We are a Third World Country whose Economic Dependency relies upon our former enemy’s for subsidy and whose Marxist president has more than made himself obvious.
These are but the net results of that abrogation!  We NO longer are a Republic and that is painfully clear despite the diatribe of the Feds.
Now that the Feds have exhausted just about every one of their tricks, the real mathematics associated with their endeavors is introducing itself in the stock market. (Down today another 350 + points + 300 from yesterday= 750 in 2 days)  Once the fiat currency created and printed by the Federal Reserve, & its corresponding influence within ALL parameters of the American landscape was to run its course, the real math would reveal itself to everyone.
Thus the Economic Tsunami that is now surfacing,  will have direct & predictable effects within Each of their Marxist fields of Entitlements.  The ‘Infrastructure’ created from those Entitlements AND upon which they were built is, naturally,  collapsing in of their ‘own political weight’.
We Confederates tried to tell YOU that Political, Economic & Cultural alteration via Political Ideology & Orthodoxy is a formula for disaster.
As such, a War was fought long ago to prevent the net residue of today from ever occurring.  We saw it for what it was and we told you what they were up to.
Politicians then,  just like today, played one off against another to advance their Ideology knowing full well their intentions.  And today, as yesterday, WE- the American People, paid for their chicanery with our lives and blood.
There can ONLY be ONE way in which this madness can be STOPPED- We MUST separate!
There is NO reason why TWO Country’s of such Political Differences (Republic vs. Democracy) cannot live within the same land mass!  Let the People chose which Country they want to live in!  Hell, there are ‘umpteen’ Country’s within the same land mass in Europe… why can’t we have but TWO ?
We MUST Separate if we are too Survive……less Disaster be realized by one and all.
Our Forefathers TOLD YOU this, and so to are WE telling YOU…..again!
For God, Family and The Confederate Republic,
Craig Maus,
president, The Confederate Society of America and Proud Member of The Confederate Alliance of Independent Organizations,
Staunch Supporters for the Restoration of the Legal deJure Government of the South- The Confederate Republic of Sovereign States
‘ When the South Lost- so To Did Two Country’s…..but Only We Confederates Knew it at the Time’
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—– Original Message —–
From: Craig Maus
Sent: Saturday, March 20, 2010
Subject: TRANSFORMATION will end in CONFLICT !

Dear Brethren (bcc herein),
Current events are but the compilation of many years in which the Laws & Purpose of this land have been compromised.
Confederates can understand the enormity of this chicanery because it was entirely expected as it was predicted, when long ago the Christian Confederacy, the real Constitutional Republic, was invaded and overthrown.
It has been exasperating, frustrating and maddening for us ever since.  Its kind of like knowing how the story will direly end, while pleading with everyone in the interim to listen…. so the inevitable catastrophe can be avoided.
For us it has been as clear as a bell ever since 1860….  but for others who have grown up under the ‘Federal Shadow’,  time, coupled with historical ‘doctoring’, has made it anything but clear for most!  We can see what many cannot because we understand why we were Invaded and the consequences of Social Reconstruction that borne today’s Transformation !
To most however, and being devoid of their history, our position is incomprehensible….’how can another American be a Conquered Person from ‘Another’ country within the ‘same’ United States?’
It’s beyond their comprehension to entertain such a question.  They just can’t get themselves to put ‘their arms around’ such a claim.
Thus, over time & many years hence, coupled with Federal Revisionist Education, we have been made to appear as yahoo’s, clinging to a ‘belief’ that, for most, is simply thought of as nuts…. while simultaneously absolving THEMSELVES from ever having to explain the REAL REASONS why the War for Southern Independence was fought.
So the Truth continues to remain hidden & buried among the ashes of that War… while the boots that trampled our Freedom , are once again marching to the beat of the same Federal drum that is now trampling EveryOne this ‘second time around’…..but many today, simply,  cannot make the connection between the two….sadly !
For us, as mentioned, all that is occurring comes as NO surprise,  but is merely the horrific extension of that which was forged long ago when the same Federal Marauders decided it was the right time for the ‘Transformation’ to ‘officially begin.
Everything since has been entirely predictable.  They just needed time to Transition us ALL,  because it could NOT be done overnight. The ‘turkey’ had to be cooked properly before it could be eaten.
Current events are simply the end result of that rotten seed that was planted after the War For Southern Independence ended that has blossomed into today’s full grown malignancy.
What we tried to STOP THEN,  has now introduced itself to everyone.  The Federals have become our Master.  They have shackled us to their chains & have made Indentured Servants of us all….we Confederates just became their prisoners sooner & got there ‘earlier’ !
When you have lived as long as we & as prisoners, all else that follows, as you will learn, will make sense….for YOU too will have many years to look back & reflect  — just like us.
To some, this commentary may sound extreme and beyond plausible….. but to the victor always goes the ‘Spoils of War’ and we have ALL become statistical casualties thanks to Washington.
The harsh and un-yielding reality….. when a people’s country has been taken from them…..and then altered!
It is an inevitability, unfortunately, in which ALL will be condemned to repeat – the basic aggregate & common denominator when transgressions are allowed to steal the original compass of direction from a stated purpose.
We have been pleading with y’all to listen to us in order to avoid that which has Come !  
You see, we share a vested interest in this country- its called our children and grandchildren and we, as you, equally want to protect them from the evil that permeates itself within Washington…. another reason why we NEVER surrendered !
However, unless they are stopped, their mad zealousness & corrupt political orthodoxy, will SURELY result in another Great Conflict.  It to was also predicted.
I believe we will go ‘Back to the Future’ a second time, wherein it will be up to the Individual States to collectively decide, once & for all, who will ‘Wag the Tail’ !
The Feds have simply gone too far, & have crossed one too many lines…. once too often!
If the States DON’T , & yield to this unmerciful & wanton Beast who has manipulated, revised and altered the Laws of this land in THEIR own light, then a Great Holocaust will surely come…  it is inevitable.
Just look at the demeanor & body language of those whose desire it is to perpetuate this fraud upon one and all- PELOSI, REID, FRANK, HOYER, DODD, EMANUEL, HOLDER, SCHUMER, KERRY, BIDEN AND, OF COURSE, OBAMA….to name, sadly, but a few in this horrible cast of characters whose ideology is anything BUT that of a Constitutional Republic.
They are as rotten as any contagion this country has ever spawned….and if the ‘Blue States’ desire their despotic hegemony, then go with them but, equally, let those of us within the ‘Red States’ go our way….. as it is more than obvious that the TWO cannot co-exist or live together,  for we are as different in ALL ways as that of a Christian & an aetheist !
They sit upon the mantle of deceit.  They look down upon our warriors whose shoes they couldn’t shine if their sorry lives depended on it with,  ARROGANCE, DEFIANCE, CONDESCENSION, PATRONIZATION, MEANNESS, HYPOCRISY, & downright DISRESPECT……. and yet, Each & Every One of these purveyors of fraud would have YOU BELIEVE they have YOUR BEST INTERESTS at heart.
…… we Confederates have had to live under their ilk ever since 1865 so we know who and what they are all about.
YOUR States, as I have recently stated, will become YOUR last line of Defense!
I implore Each & Everyone of YOU to inform YOUR STATE LEGISLATURES, at once, that THEY MUST IMMEDIATELY PURSUE NULLIFICATION under the 10th Amendment and withdraw from any involvement whatsoever in this Federal decree known as Health Care…..for STARTERS!
Various States have already made their intentions known in this endeavor (God Bless ole Virginia) but OTHERS must join as well….and only YOU can make that happen !!!
"The Cause for which we fought is one day bound to re-assert itself although it may be in a different time and place."
President Jefferson Davis, Confederate States of America
Back in the 90’s when the current Confederate Movement began, we touched upon the many scenarios that would present themselves ‘down the road’.
We had to be careful as to how we said things.  We were at such a disadvantage— having already been depicted, thanks to Federal re-education,  as nothing more than a bunch of radical, racist, redneck crackers.
Trying to ‘maintain’ any hope & credibility for the Cause that NEVER died nor EVER surrendered was a herculean endeavor….but when God stands with Truth, any problems can be overcome— thanks to Him !
And thus, ALL that we have said & predicted-  is NOW AT YOUR DOORSTEPS….unfortunately !
Do you still think we are a bunch of radical racists that Washington & their Lackey’s has made us out to be or, do you now realize that today, and just like yesteryear……it was all about Money & Power as we said, and that 145 years since…. hasn’t changed a Damn Thing…..except making those Federals bigger, fatter & more hungrier than ever before ?
Perhaps Now you will look at those Boys in Gray with better understanding & come to understand why they left their homes and hamlets throughout the South and took up arms against an Invader who was about to do to them what they are doing to y’all today….. Rebels- NO! Patriots- YES !
‘When the South Lost, So TOO Did an Entire Nation….but Only We Confederates Knew it at The Time’

ALL Roads Lead to 1865!
For God, Family and The Confederacy
Craig Maus,
president, The Confederate Society of America and Proud Member of The Confederate Alliance of Independent Organizations,
Staunch Supporters for the Restoration of the Legal Government of the South- The Confederate States of America
PS-    Who would YOU Trust & Prefer- A Confederate Government, or the ‘existing’ Federal Government?
PPS- Does that question become a bit more profound today than, say…… two years ago?
God Save the South, For So Goes the South…so WILL Go This Nation!
( Federals 1, Patriots 0- HALFTIME ! )