by Tim Manning
Monday, March 19, 2012

Hitler, Lincoln, Marx, Wilson, FDR, Churchill and Mao did not believe in "State Rights." No U.S. president since Lincoln supported State Rights, yet many Southerner’s cheerfully pledge their allegiance with their hands over their hearts and serve in the military our imperial centrists and call it "patriotism" when it is nothing more than dangerous centralized nationalism. They consider traditional Southern views as too radical, yet they readily join the U.S. military that continues to oppress other nations to reenforce American hegemony and fascism in the same centralised and totalitarian bloody manner the CSA was dismembered and destroyed.

If the Southern States became independent today, they would act and sound like the USA today in all except the occasional linguistic accents and dietary variances. Too many Southerners are proud of being Southern even though they are largely "Reconstructed." This is why there will no restoration anytime soon of a government that resembles that intended by the U.S. Founders or that of the Confederate States of America.

Yet, there are a few folks in Southern States and counties who know that something is wrong and are making efforts to restore a "Better Way" in their own lives, the lives of their families and in their communities. We need to identify these folks and build a consensus and coalition of folks who will build toward a distinct and meaningful independence.

The Southern politicians who are positioned in government or close to power do not represent U.S. constitutionalism or the traditional political views of Southerners.  The day of the too-proud eagle is gone and it is time to restore the Southern Cross. So long as there are people like some of my fb, LS and SCV friends there is real hope. The day of yankee dominance and totalitarian rule over us needs to be gone with the wind and its monuments to American despotism need to be removed from our landscape. Among these is Greek temple to Lincoln that needs to be ground to powder and replaced by a modest monument dedicated to those who resisted American tyranny during the 1860’s.