Topsy Turvy Slop
Mr. C. Demastus:
Topsy Turvy is not a "Southern" book.  It is an "anti-Southern" novel written by a "lady" historian. I have written a detailed and entirely too lengthy analysis of that thing and will, as soon as possible, get it to you. At this point in time I cannot send it–my writing is too lengthy–written with too much disgust–so it will take time for me to cool off and rewrite.
If folks want more of the same ole, same ole, slop–that the war was fought by noble northerners to free the cruelly mistreated slaves- and, of course every Southern then and now knows this is absolutely true, then this book is a "keeper." (Thus those who contend otherwise are LIARS!)  Its familiar 1800’s Republican- Marxist propaganda should go over remarkably  well in the hallowed halls of higher academia–especially in those halls filled with female students expiring with ecstasy while learning about women’s liberation.  (Those are the same type of "idjit" northern women who fooled around and made Southern women "equal" where once we were "superior." so no true blue truly superior Southerner should respect any of the offerings of THOSE people!)
The so-called cruel treatment of little black kids (making those po little things sing and dance) that is thrown in to the description of the book by the would be sellers–is merely a ploy to sell the book to serious researchers seeking truth about the South. Nothing, one notes, is mentioned in the ads about the little white kid hung up by the north’s torturers until nearly his point of death is reached and nothing about the effect on the wee black ones when they see their mamas raped by Mr. Sherman’s nice German soldiers.  Lots in the book about crazed white women torturing good blacks, and depraved white males making mulatto babies—but not even a whisper that most of those males were the brave soldiers of the north or any of those new to America, couldn’t speak English, valiant refugees from European jails- in mentally ill, sadomasochistic, Sherman and his bunch of "boys" having joyous experiences (just boyish fun) while marching, murdering, killing, looting, burning, torturing, and raping  everything on feet in our South. (No wonder so many half and half white-blacks appeared in the South after the Marxist-Republican invasion and the during Reconstruction arrival of the Carpetbaggers.)
The reader should not be deceived — he or she will not get what the advertisement promises. How this Dr. Jabour author, a so-called, professional historian intellectual, can take the perjured words of past northern writers without questioning the veracity of the writers boggles the minds of those of us with even a smidgen of above average intelligence.
Joan Hough,
And honey chile, I do not lie.