Coach Spurrier, this letter is in regard to your comments about the Confederate flag. First of all many of your players & prospective players most likely had ancestors who fought under the Confederate flag & suffered severely in defense of their state, homes & families, as do many of the fans in the stands. This statement also holds true for every Southern team you play. As a Southern coach you need to learn the correct history of our symbols that you so freely & ignorantly bash. Unless of course you want to join the unlimited ranks of the politically correct who use us as the nation’s scapegoat in order to further their own modern-day agenda at our expense. You may not like us or our flag but, we make up the majority in the South & hold the purse strings to Southern colleges & their sports programs. So, a little respect to those of us who pay the bills would be nice for starters. I’m sure U.S.C. has a good history dept. where you can educate yourself on the real causes of the W.B.T.S. & the toll it took on South Carolinians & all Southern families. I would suggest you pay close attention to the 10th amendment of the United States Constitution during your studies of the causes & effects of the W.B.T.S. Then judge for yourself which flag was really fighting for the ideas America was founded on in 1776. Just as you would not belittle & deride others for their history, heritage, culture or its symbols, whether or not you agreed with it, I would ask that you use those same Southern manners when dealing with all of us. A Southern gentleman with a proper raising would have known this.

Billy E. Price
Ashville Alabama