To so many good writers – thinkers on SHNV
Ladies and Gentlemen:
Folks, my name is Mark Vogl and I recently opened the Confederate War College.  It has sites on both Facebook and on the internet.  The website is
I am looking for men and women who want to be published on the internet.  The topics I am interested in are:
a. The Colors
b. The Charge
c. The modern South
d. CW era history from the Southern perspective
e. The Confederate Navy
f. The Confederate Treasury
g. Southern Humor
h. African – American contributions to the South, then and now.
i.   Family stories.
Or, I will consider anything else you may want to write on.
I cannot pay you for your stories, but can list items you have for sale in the Commissary.  The normal fee would be 10% of any sale.  However, that could be negotiated if you are providing quality articles, essays.  You would retain all rights to your work.  I would place a disclaimer to that effect after your articles.
This is a Christian – Judeo family site!  That should be enough to guide what language or topics are appropriate.
There is no length requirement.  And in fact, writing this has given me the idea that we could have a Letters to the Chancellor section…if you would like to do that.
Folks, I am easy to work with. I am not money motivated, I am Christ and Southland motivated.
Hope you will consider stopping by the site, and thinking about making writing contributions.  Let’s use the internet as an inexpensive way to reach out to those who may not know how history really happened.
And thank you for all you already do!  And thanks to Chuck Demastus for the years and years of work he has done to get this mailing list to its present size.
Mark Vogl, Chancellor