Letter to the honourable Governor of Virginia
From: btzoumas@bellsouth.net
Honourable Governor Bob McDonnell,
Thank you, thank you for your courageous decision to sign the Confederate proclamation. Please be rest assured that there are some millions of Americans who strongly support the positive recognition of this part of American history. They may not write to you like I am, but I know they are there.

I myself am a descendent of English people who came to Virginia in 1690. In the early 1800’s, they ventured west into the Ohio area and settled there until 1926, when my grandfather brought his family to Florida, to the Lake Okeechobee area where I was born some 56 years ago.

Another branch came to Virginia in 1730 from England. In the early 1800’s, they ventured South into North Carolina, then into Georgia. William B. Russom, my GGGrandfather, fought against the yankee invasion with the 24th Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Company B. He was just a saw mill worker, he owned no slaves.

And aside from the slave issue, the principles of State sovereignty so layed out in the Constitution and the 9th/10th Amendments plus in the debates at the Constitutional Convention are what the South fought to preserve. That great son of Virginia, Robert E. Lee, declared that all the South ever contended for was that the Constitution be interpreted in purity and truth.
You ARE doing the right thing. Wrong is wrong, even if everyone supports it. Right is still right, even if no one supports it.
Jimmy L. Shirley Jr.