Sally Knight Raburn

How much better this country would be if you people, who are spending so much time and energy complaining about the Confederate flag, the song Dixie, or anything else to do with the Confederacy, would direct your time and efforts toward the things that are destroying this country.

America is leading the World in the production of pornography, and you are offended by some kid wearing a Confederate flag on his shirt.

Babies are being murdered at the hands of abortionist, but you are mad about kid flying a small Confederate flag on his truck.

There are so many unwanted children, the foster care system cannot find enough homes, but you spend your time complaining about a Confederate tag on someone else’s car at work.

Child abuse is at record highs and pedophiles are going after America’s children, but the person you want to stop is the one honoring their Confederate heritage.

America’s young people are being brain washed with filth in the movies, television, and the music that is being produced, but you are worrying about them seeing a picture of Robert E. Lee or hearing a song like Dixie.

Our young men and women are dying over seas in places they have no business being, but you are more concerned about someone placing a Confederate flag on the grave of a Confederate soldier.

I could go on and on but I am sure you get the picture… and there is something very wrong with it.

Sure the Confederate flag has been misused by hate groups. But take a close look and you will see the same groups carrying the Stars and Stripes. This does not alter the truth about either flag. I know there are many of you who have never heard the truth of the war between the North and the South; you still believe what you were taught in school. I did too, until several years ago, then someone suggested I read the book, "The South Was Right", by Kennedy and Kennedy; then I bought the book, "When in the Course of Human Events", written by Northerner Charles Adams. Once you read these books you may very well decide to raise a few Confederate flags of your own.

Of course I realize there are some who already know the truth and choose to ignore it, and some who don’t want to learn the truth for what ever reason; they use their attack upon our flags and monuments to promote hate and division and to pad their pocketbooks. They would not be doing it if they thought there wasn’t any money to gain. Thanks to Lincoln schooling, we that love and honor our Southern heritage are easy targets for these people.

It is my prayer that my Southern brothers and sisters, (of all races), will learn the truth and we will stand together to make this country a better place. We need to get rid of a lot of things in this country, (I named a few and I am sure you can add some of your own); but the Confederate flag, which our honorable ancestors of the South fought under to protect their homes and families, or the beautiful song of Dixie, which we all hold so very dear to our hearts, are not among these things.

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