Tennessee Chapter Confederate Flaggers
"A group dedicated to the promotion of and education in flagging as a way to protect and defend all Confederate heritage, and to the support of all who are willing to join in. When needed, flaggers stand with our flags against those in opposition in a peaceful, yet forceful manner, to educate and inform the general public, and in open and visible protest against those who have attacked us, our flags, our ancestors, or our Heritage. This group will serve as a gathering place for flaggers, to share information and ideas, and help to facilitate the growth of flagging throughout the South, the u.S. and beyond!"


As a member you will be requested to attend and support all Flagging’s, rallies and or protest for any honourable effort toward the above in Tennessee….. Within your range of travel.
All honourable peoples from any state are welcome to join but. You need to join or start a group in your state.
This group is ONLY for those willing to face "those people" with the grit of our ancestors.
If Tennessean, join us?