It’s time to really take a stand


What are we supposed to do anymore? What will it take for us to be taken seriously? Every day we hear of one more court cases or arbitrary action taken by apologists and bigots who wish that we would just go away and forget our flag and cause. We have allowed ourselves to be relegated to even worse than political minority status and a political minority that just lays down like a beaten dog in the fight rather than a people of proud beginnings. At what point to we turn this around and bite back instead of being ugly step children to be trampled on? Or worse, the object of the almighty media’s label of so called "Neo-Confederates" or allow them to call us bigots.

I was born in the south, and of great Southern lineage, I was told about my family’ Confederate heritage at an early age, but just like so many others was told it was something I should stay quiet about. Something that would attract scorn and ridicule and my parents wanted just to "fit in: and not be looked at as "those people" so it was drilled into my family’s minds that our heritage is something better off forgotten about than celebrated.

The same father who told me to forget the past and just try an fit in still kept those old Confederate musket balls from the war that were passed on through his family among his coin collection for no one to know about, for no one to see. He viewed our Confederate heritage as a curse not a blessing.

At what point did we allow ourselves to be recognized and respected and not to be the outcasts?

I was too young to know why my father decided to move to the North East. I never knew him, not really knew his true feelings because my father and I did not have that bond of a close relationship to know our shared past and heritage other than some rare war relics that he carefully hid away for no one to see. He made it a deep dark family secret.

I was only a child when my family moved to the North East. I have no idea why he did it. Sure, I was born an Army brat, born in an Army Hospital, at the great Fort Benning, in Columbus Georgia in the Deep South that is the home to so many national heroes. But just like all Army brats, we moved a lot because of it and my father married my mother who was not a Southerner but a New Englander so I know that had something to do with it. Or maybe it was the money; my father was in the construction business. He moved to New England to build up his business, building big houses for those rich Yankees, but somewhere along the way he allowed our heritage to become something to be ashamed of instead of something to be proud of.

My father and mother got divorced when I was too young to remember, but why did he hide his family history? I embraced my ancestors and refused to be ashamed of what they stood for. If only men of that kind of CONVICTION were to be found today!

Since becoming an adult I figured out why our people have all but given up. It’s because if you actually have the nerve to speak in public in our "progressive society" and tell someone you have ancestors who fought for the South and are even the least bit sympathetic with the cause that they fought and died for, we now have allowed society to call us a traitors, bigots or worse and allowed their guilt to dictate on how we live our very lives and how we even look at ourselves.

We live in a society that you can commit any kind of misconduct, and the media and society will just make excuses for your actions and even feel sorry for you. But hang a Confederate flag somewhere and you will feel the wrath of the ultimate condemnation.

How did we get to this point? How did we allow this to get this way?

I for one, refuse to allow this to go on a minute longer. I refuse to allow them to strip me of my rights like they did my ancestors. Heck, at least my ancestors put up one heck of a fight.

The time has come that people make a stand, the time has come that we stop apologizing and take action.

When we live in a society that a college student can protest on his or her campus waving a Communist/PLO or terrorist flag and that is permissible but a student can’t hang a Confederate Battle flag in his or her dorm room, this has gotten far, far beyond political correctness. It’s the systematic eradication of a people and a culture and we can not allow it to go unabated anymore.

We must fight back now, we need to be as vocal as those who oppose us and who want us to be eradicated.

It’s time to make a statement; it’s time to make a stand, it’s time to fight them at their own game.

You can either sit on the sideline and watch your culture and heritage ridiculed and thrown away or you can get up off your you know what and go and take action.

I for one decide to stand and fight if more of my brethren stand with me; we can stop this now before it gets any worse.

I refuse to put my great great grandad’s musket balls away to hide my heritage anymore.