Time to stand up for the South and our Confederate History and Heritage

Friday – August 1, 2014

Posted by "Jerryd14 -The War – The Confederate Flag – Southern People and our History"

This past Wednesday I took my two grand sons target shooting. we used several firearms including a model 1841 Mississippi Rifle, and during this time I could only think of the thousands of similar weapons, cannons, the yelling, the screaming, the pain, tears and fear of many men on both sides of the fighting during the War for Southern Independence. I have lived and visited the blood stained earth of many battlefields in Virginia and other states. As a Virginian I have tried to both visit all the sites where my many ancestors fought as well as relic hunt where it was permitted, ancestors who were in the 3rd. Virginia Reserve force, 18th. Virginia Infantry, 21st. Virginia Infantry, 44th. Virginia Infantry, and the 59th.Virginia Infantry among others. These different regiments and men fought in various battles from Florida to Gettysburg, Pa. And they suffered proportionately, with death, wounds and imprisonment between them. And the reason for all of these and the 600,000 other casualties was due to a Northern mans willingness to go to war, rather than allow various states to have the freedom to run their own states without the control and interference of the Federal government in Washington, DC. that was it. Now as in all things complex, of course their were secondary issues, ideas, opinions, greed, want, and conniving self serving individuals and groups in the rear making demands.

The biggest single issue was the great loss of wealth to the U.S. economy that would occur if the Southern states left the Union. Slavery was not the reason, slavery was a lost cause from day one and was deteriorating, and with the steam engine coming to agriculture it would have replaced slaves in the fields and elsewhere. Slavery WAS NOT WHY LINCOLN WENT TO WAR, SOUTHERN INDEPENDENCE WAS THE REASON, AND LINCOLN WAS DETERMINED TO STOP IT FROM HAPPENING.

Now, we have the great divide over this today between those like me who are in my opinion, honest, and armed with many, personal second and third hand conversations that came from people in the war and from civilians impacted by it. From many letters from soldiers and from families of soldiers, from accurate first and second party books written by and or for the participants. The other group seem to fall into a category of what I generally call, unreasonable, and dishonest people, many of are obvious liberals whose aim is to erase the facts and to replace the facts with myths they have created or myths and lies created and stated by others. When one refuses to agree that Lincoln had the option of war or no war, and yet he had stated that he would never fight over slavery or slaves, and has stated his wish that the black man in America be removed to another country, and  I am and if I were alive then, was/am in agreement with him as far as, ” at that time and place in America “, today I would not be for this action, but in 1861 it would have been a great benefit to America.

So, when these people deny the above actions buy Lincoln, and denies the fact about the Invasion of the South, and denies the facts about Lincolns allowing a total war of personal attacks against civilians in the South, the arson, looting, robbing stealing, destruction of public property, the harm to food and croplands, the destruction of fences, barns, stables, stores, bridges, railroad tracks, warehouses, the murder of many civilians, the rape of many Southern women, then yes WE ARE AT A DIVIDE OVER THIS.

Today the liberals, the political correct, the heathens and imps from Satan’s Hell are working hard to destroy, remove and erase all things Southern so far as it was related to our Confederate Military and government, and or our heritage.

In Richmond Virginia, more than 50 years ago as a school boy I visited the White House of the Confederacy, and the building was hosted by numerous ladies from Southern states and some men, who knew the history of the war, and who had the knowledge and the grace and hospitality of Southern ladies and gentlemen. In that building there were tables and glass display cases full of hundreds if not thousands of muskets, rifles, swords, knives, sabers, uniforms, belts, canteens, bullets, letters, books, flags, bugles, tents, boots, and all manner of items both personal an general in nature. It was a grand experience. I visited many times. In the 1970’s the new building unfortunately was built and opened, and the consequences like many things were unintended.

New people, ” Professionals ” were hired and brought in, and soon, the old Southern host and hostesses were gone, replaced by people who could care less, and who were mostly Northern Carpet baggers who came South to ruin our states as they have done to theirs up in Yankee hellholes. They have step by step removed, replaced objects that many Southern family had donated to a Southern run, Southern owned museum, and today when you visit you can barely see 10 guns, and a minute amount of the many objects that were once there, WHY, WHERE ARE THESE OBJECTS.??

Then, out in front of the Museum building flew all the Confederate flags, but for the past several years the new bunch of liberals have removed the Confederate battle flag from the front of the museum. This is in order to slowly transform our Confederate Museum into a lets make this a multicultural Black history museum. Have you noticed the flag colors of the gays, the rainbow, all inclusive, sounds nice does it not, but this is all part of our new generation of mixed races, mixed sex, man with man, woman with woman, black man white woman and soon man and boy, woman and girls, a continual move into sin and perversion.

The museum was to be a CONFEDERATE MUSEUM, that is really simple, slaves, or blacks, or Indians, or animals can build themselves a museum, or in the case of animals a zoo, but they should not be revising the Confederate Museum into such as they are.

In Richmond, some of the very same individuals who are involved in the Museum of the Confederacy treachery are also involved in the forced removal of Confederate battle flags from the Confederate Memorial chapel next to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, this again is wrong and shameful and nothing less than a liberal attack on our Southern Confederate heritage and history.

Recently the University that Confederate General Robert E. Lee honorably ran as president, Washington College, later named Washington and Lee University, removed Confederate Battle flags that were in the Lee Chapel, another slap in our face and I and others are protesting this and so should you.

In Mississippi, the president of ole Miss in discussions with , guess who, Waite Rawls, the traitor at the Museum of the Confederacy, is assisting Ole Miss in a name change and some street name changes from Confederate Ave. to some more lite in the loafer name, similar to Burger Kings new Queer Burger called the Rainbow Whopper or similar name. Can you believe this, these are the perverted people we are dealing with, this is why America is disrespected today, gutless men, more feminine than masculine, more Satanic and less or no Christianity among them. This is our America in 2014, and I say we should stand up, fight these things, oppose all of this, write letters, make phone calls, withhold visits, memberships and money, and ask your friends to do the same.

We can and should make it our immediate goal to join all the Southern groups and organizations we can, the Sons Of Confederate Veterans, The Virginia Flaggers, go online and join and support these groups and several other groups with your time and money, this is the answer, and e mail state and federal legislators  and protest these anti Southern heritage issues and only support those leaders who are friendly to us. We can turn this around, PLEASE DO THIS.

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