Time and Tide Wait for No Man

by J. A. Davis

Watching the devastation of yet another hurricane in our neighboring state, Florida, I’m filled with compassion for the thousands of people affected. Some are being wiped out of their most precious possessions, their property and their lives and limbs.

Thinking about it, these are the things most fundamentally guarded by our Constitution, however the Constitution never undertook to provide protection against natural disasters and the acts of God.

The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were to provide shelter from human and societal disasters by formulating a government of laws—a constant and sturdy structure that could withstand the winds of passion and social fads. Much of the inspiration for the freedoms our Constitution was to safeguard was based on an almost unanimous faith based in Christian-Judeo principles.

Just as surely as a small storm began gathering far from Florida more than a week before it began to distinguish a course, so has a small storm begun in the early history of these United States that has itself become a hurricane creating similar destruction of the rights endowed by our Creator. The storm’s velocity is growing, our remaining liberties are in great peril.

The destruction thus far leads one to fear that this storm will not dissipate but will continue on until our founders’ constitution is nothing but the rubble left after a hurricane. Emboldened by its destructive success, the storm’s path of destruction accelerates. There is no need to assault certain liberties directly when they can be ignored or revised by the chaotic after-winds of the judiciary.

The time before the complete collapse of the constitutional shelter is short. Perhaps one more generation, more or less.

There are some, who like the original patriots who pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to brave the storm and stand up and be counted. There are modern patriots who are willing to fight the destruction of their remaining liberties. Some modern patriots have joined the Georgia Heritage Coalition as members of our data base of citizens willing to resist the tide of destruction.

We don’t ask much. Mostly a willingness to be counted in a substantial group of voters who believe in our Constitutional Republic. It would be nice if you helped call or e-mail lawmakers and other office holders occasionally, but that’s not required.

Time and tide wait for no man. Look around, observe the rights you lose with each month. If you don’t take me seriously check out the legislation proposed in Congress to emulate the Canadian, Scandinavian and Dutch Hate Laws. If someone considers your writing or comments as "hateful" (in their view) you can be reported and jailed, without trial, or legal representation. You will be labeled as a "hate terrorist." Not far behind will be the Thought Police with similar penalties.

First, they’ll get the gypsies, no one will object, then they’ll get the Jehovah’s Witnesses, good riddance, then, they’ll get the Freemasons, they’re a secret enemy, a real terrorist threat. After that, the Jews will be easy. Sound familiar?

A large lobby of windblown Patriots could get this particular hurricane off track. Will you help? The clock of time clicks on but each hour grows shorter.

Link: http://spofga.org/flag/2004/sept/jeff_davis.phtml