Till Next Time

From: tgbtg4@juno.com
To: hk.edgerton@gmail.com

Dear Mr. Edgerton,

Please pardon my tardiness in expressing to you my gratitude for your Lexington visit.  It was my honor and privilege to make the short march from Buena Vista with you, with members of the SCV and with Jamie and Casey on September 1.  The good company caused the miles to fly and I thoroughly enjoyed your fellowship.

I regret missing the end of your remarks at Hopkins Green, but the SCV’s Brandon Dorsey whispered that if I meant to address City Council I had better leave, as the Mayor was stocking the room with her cronies.  I did enjoy your comments before Council and regret that staying till the bitter end after 11:00 meant I did not have the opportunity to bid you an appropriate and affectionate farewell.  Until our common cause unites us again under the colors of the South, this will have to serve as the hug you earned.

While the 4 imported temp hires on City Council were entirely unswayed by anything anyone said, they achieved nothing but disgracing their parentage and exposing their own bias.  I believe SCV has firm ground for a court challenge and that the ordinance is so fraught with internal inconsistencies and contradictions (all of which I am more than happy to point out in the press) that it must fall.  Evil is always its own undoing and must collapse from its own weight.

That is not to say that there will not be a fight or that honorable men are not needed in it.  No one should cancel their plans to visit Lexington.  Lee and Jackson are still here, still deserving of honor, still worthy the respects patriots ought to pay.  Lexington is still a charming town set in a beautiful God-made valley and there are many free attractions like the Lee Chapel and VMI Museum that can and should delight and inform the families of all travellers.  But no visitor should spend a cent in the city until the ban is overturned.  Nearby scenic Buena Vista sells gasoline cheaper and affords overnight lodging in motels and campgrounds alike.  Visitors should spend their time but not their money in Lexingrad.  And bring and carry really, really big flags!

But most importantly, EVERY visitor to Lexington needs to make a point of filing into City Hall on Washington Street and asking to meet our Mayor.  Each visitor should register his own complaint in person to the city government before heading home.  Only in this way will Council ever understand that patriots exist.  More than ever, Lexington’s faithful need the influx of Southern patriots from all compass points to do this and to show the City the revenue it isn’t getting.  Lee-Jackson Day 2012 needs to be an enormous turnout in town.  Those most friendly to the cause of Southern heritage should make plans now to rally to the need of the cause in this besieged city.  In sum, if there are more flags in Lexington next Lee-Jackson Day than last, we win.

While this defiance of the ruling junta will spite City Council and its ill-conceived ordinance, no visitor should have that as his purpose in coming.  Every visitor should come because it is right, because of his admiration of Lee and of Jackson, because the 300,000 Southern boys who lay down their lives for the Republic are worthy due honors.  As a collateral side benefit, this will spite our misguided City Council, but it ought not be anyone’s motivation.  Coming to Lexington to do right will reprove wrong.

I have two distinct editorials in both the county’s weekly papers this week and once lengthy one coming out in October’s Rockbridge Advocate.  I encourage thoughtful Southern patriots everywhere to keep the pages of the local press here overflowing with intelligent, ardent and civil challenges to the injustice momentarily prevailing.  Truth still matters and still can change the world.  It changes nothing if it is never spoken.

I hope our next meeting will be not long delayed.  I thank you, Sir, for your commitment and passion for the true history of our common Southern heritage.  And for recognizing and fully utilizing the unique power of your message.  Some will only hear because it comes through you.  I thank you again for your voice, for your example and for your leadership.  And thank you for ensuring that American history is neither Black nor White, Blue nor Gray, but CLEAR!