TNT thy name is Vallante
RE: Arrogance thy name is "Fields"
<<<And, there is no connection whatsoever between Timothy McVeigh and the fallen soldier in question. And there is no connection whatsoever between McVeigh and the Confederate flag. For you to throw that comment into your piece demonstrates beyond a shadow of a doubt what a low-life demagogue you are. Whoever said that “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel” probably had people like you in mind when he said it. Someone disagrees with you and you brand him a “terrorist.” How convenient. Ever consider running for political office? Given the level of political scum that seems so able to float to the top these days, you’d be a natural! >>>
/\/.\/\/. COMMENTS: HAH! Bill, why don’t you tell him what you *really* think?
Another great rebuttal here from you in the latest SHNV! Don’t ever stop! A suggestion: always point out to heritage violators that you’re 100% Northern in background and thus a pure copperhead (don’t use that word, they’ll have no clue what you mean). Facts and logic are powerful enough, but when they learn that you come to this Cause with no Southern baggage from your upbringing, etc., but are doing it only out of a love for truth and justice, it adds incredible oomph.
Our desire is to cure their ignorance and shrink their ego (and in some well-deserved cases, to ruin their day). You wonderful Northern allies will kill them all  the deader by playing the "yankee" card! (I put "yankee" in quotes because that’s not what you are, except in the hackneyed mindset of our opponents.)