Throwing rotten tomatoes back
RE: Confederate Flags Create Controversy at Hanover Tomato Festival 

Sons of Confederate Soldiers hand out free confederate flags sparking outrage from some festival-goers.
/\/.\/\/. COMMENTS: I cannot believe that this stuff passes for journalism or news in a supposedly educated, civilized country. I’ve just posted the following message saying so. Everybody who hasn’t yet, pile on! Blather like this must not be allowed to slide through with no resistance.
<<<This is one of the most purely stupid stories yet. They supposedly don’t like the Southern flag — what are they doing in the South? And you, WTVR, you don’t have to flaunt so blatantly the fact that you’re owned by rabidly anti-Southern interests far from Richmond. You’re CBS, you’re socialist, you voted for Obama and would do it again, you’re NUTS and your liberal agenda hasn’t ever brought anything but misery to the world.
You bobby-sox news readers, you must be lying when you say some people didn’t come or left early because of the flags, because you show absolutely nothing to support this wild claim. Where did you in fact learn to news-read? BASIC 5-W journalism here. But isn’t lying what you were taught to do in media school, you chic bimbos for PC? And what’s with this slouching, simpering "minority advocate"? He’s the real bigot here besides yourselves. Maybe he’s just some actor you hired? Come on, it’s ridiculous and preposterous, the whole story. Don’t you feel ridiculous and preposterous wasting air time and brain cells on it? Truth, please, for once!
When you start showing the same respect and giving greater or equal coverage to majority advocates you’ll begin to gain some credibility, but as it is you have none — zero — and you’re doing nothing but digging your whole industry in deeper with each new installment of this kind of genuinely bigoted, hateful, racist, prejudiced, discriminatory pseudo-news.>>>
/\/.\/\/. CONTINUES: The often totally yankee little fillies slinging this hash may be the prettiest and most vivacious there are beyond their work, but their work is stabbing Dixie in the face every day all day and slashing our flag to shreds and just dynamiting everything Ed Asner or Larry King wouldn’t approve of. Somebody needs to contact the WTVR ghouls directly, whether by phone or email, tell them exactly the criminals they really are, and show them that (as I said) their whole industry is only grinding itself to nothing with its incessant drumbeat of hate and condemnation against its customers.
Medianites are the most evil and yet often the most charming, personable, sincere, seemingly human crowd out there off-screen. It’s the ultimate irony that these are the people doing to civilization what BP is doing to the Gulf of Mexico. How to explain it? Their mothers and fathers obviously brought them up to be very mannerly and down-to-earth, to get good grades and succeed in life — how can it be that they so poisonous and so utterly blind — or proud and smug — about it, so rock-ribbed in their patently insane ideology, so consistent in their fashionable and well-paid sociopathy?
I don’t mind if you laugh out loud at my frankness, but it’s all the literal truth. Some bomb skyscrapers and are put in prison, others do every bit as much damage to society (or 100 times more) through yellow journalism/urinalism and are paid millions and showered in glory for it. The "mainstream" media are 100% captive to big business, and they simply spews its agenda, value and memes around the clock. Can it be that its personnel actually consider themselves free agents in any sense, much less bold crusaders for truth as per their snotty on-screen personae?
Can in of this really be happening???
Make no mistake about it — the corporate cartel media are in the business of "shaping" attitudes. That’s what they do. It has nothing to do with informing people of what matters. I think I’m going to fling this sweetly in their face from now on when I’m interviewed etc.