From: Craig Maus <>
Date: Tue, Apr 12, 2011
Subject: Through the Eye’s of a Marine….Read, Learn & Understand.

Dear Brethren (hundreds bcc herein),
I would like to share this personal exchange with my friend who I will call ‘The Marine’, as he wants his anonymity respected for obvious reasons.

Isn’t it strange that the ‘old military’ knows just what in the hell these damn Feds have done…..and what It’s All About Today.
Perhaps you will recognize that a Confederate, yesteryear or today, is the last remaining vestige of that Patriot that stands between what little Freedoms remain and total Despotism under the Federal One-Worlder’s.
Please note my comment afterwards herein and below.
May God help us All in the day’s ahead!
ALL Roads Lead to 1865- the beginning of the end of the Republic.
Craig Maus,
president, The Confederate Society of America & Proud Member of The Confederate Alliance of Independent Organizations.
Staunch Supporters for the Restoration of the Legal deJure Government of the South- The Confederate States of America.
‘When the Confederacy lost, so Too did the United States…but Only We Confederates Knew it at the Time…but Our Confederate Government NEVER did Surrender!

Brother Craig,
No one, or rather no sane person, who has ever been in combat will willingly or readily send their sons and grandsons into that living hell or go again themselves unless it is a matter of last resort.

I know that you are former military. I’m not certain what years or what branch of service.

I am a Marine (there’s no such thing as ‘was’ a Marine unless you’re dead, and only then if you’ve disgraced the Corps).
I served two (2) tours in Vietnam, one in Lebanon, was involved in the Grenada assault and took part in the opening phases of Desert Scam I.

Most of the men who trained me had seen service in WWII, Korea and the opening phases of Vietnam.

I completed my college education by correspondence while serving as an enlisted man in the Corps and then went to med school on a military scholarship. While all medical doctors and nurses assigned to the Corps are officially US Navy Medical Corps, I wore the uniform of my prior branch (since the Corps is officially part of the Navy) and most of (several) decorations that I hold are USMC decorations.
I’ve seen both sides of it Bro. Craig.

I’ve manufactured (quite a few) corpses for the Federals and I’ve stood ankle deep in blood trying my best to keep all of our boys (and girls) alive that I possibly could.
I tell you this as a way of explaining my background in the military and my stance on what is likely to come.
There are a number of differences between the situation that we face now and the situation that existed in 1861.

These are critical and crucial differences if it comes to an armed conflict or the threat of one, which I strongly suspect will happen.
1. In 1861 the war was primarilly a land/river war with the bulk of the fighting done by non-mechanized infantry (although some mounted infantry was employed). The difference between weapons used by both sides was minimal, all were essentially the same type of weapon used by civiians at the same time. This is not the case today.  The discrepency between civilian weapons (even those on a loosely military pattern) is vast and a rapidly raised and trained civilian (citizen soldier) army, armed with the weaponry that would be readily available to such a force would stand no chance at all against the Federals’ state-of-the-art military grade weaponry, personal body armor (which is vastly superior to any that might be obtained ‘surplus’ by a rapidly assembled state-by-state force.
2. In 1861, State Militias were under the direct orders of the Governor of their state.  No such entity exists today even though "National Guard" and "State Guard" formaions bear the name of their respective states. They are trained, equipped and thoroughly indoctrinated as part of a national Federal Army and have no particular loyalty to their respective states that can be relied on.  Likewise, the equipment used by these units is hardly likely to be turned over to any State entity as it was in 1861. No existing Federal military facility or production facility will be surrendered to any State entity. Experienced soldiers, especially senior NCOs and officers will not jeopardize their pensions to "come to the colors". Their entire incoctrintion has been, for over 100 years, toward a single national military. Consequently the only possible source of arms, training and experienced senior leadership lies abroad.
3.  Most young people, who have been educated by the Federally imposed system, particularlly within the past 50 years, have NO background at all in the Causes of Secession or the War of 1861.  I am somewhat different from some within our movement. I happen to support the system of manditory, compulsory and universal education. The key word here is "education". There is nothing wrong with the system. It works very well when  it is applied as it was in the 40s, 50s and 60s when people like you and I went to school.  An educated public is essential and this is the cheapest and most efficient way to achieve that goal.  The problem is with the curriculum being taught, especially History and the Social Sciences and not with the system with which they are taught.  The content of these courses has been altered, watered down, abbrevriated and outright fabricated for years and would require a complete overhaul as would the training of teachers for these subjects.  Churches and Charities do not have the financial capability to educate a nation’s children and the concept of "home schooling" by those who have been "educated" under the current Federal curriculum is counter-productive.
4. While most of us consider the Confederacy to constitute the original, traditional Confederate States of America, some sort of arrangement should be made to incorporate States that were not part of the traditional Confederacy but have since adopted Confederate values.  It would surprise a number of our constituient members how many such states now exist, particularlly among those in the West and Northwest and even a few in the traditional North and East. Natural borders must be drawn but that is a question for serious consideration.
5. If the Federals can come up with an "oath of loyalty" and "citizenship test", then so can we. We should.
6. From the outset I will say without hesitation that I am a Christian. I happen to be a Roman Catholic Christian and my ancestors who fought for the Confederacy faced excommunication from our church due to their beliefs in the Confederate way of government.  My preference is to call ourselves a "Nation Under God" and not alienate a substantial number of people who would come running to our side based on their political beliefs and beliefs in personal and States’s rights.  I will point out something that you aleady know. The only reason that most immigrants, regardless of religion, sided with the Federals is simply because that is where they happened to enter the country and settle. They knew no different.  Those who arrived in the South and were aware of Confederate goals and aims — traditions and heritage — sideded staunchly with the Confederacy.
7. We positively must compose and circulate as widely as possibly a concise statement outlining the Confederacy’s stance on race point by point (as I’ve pointed out with other matters). It can be sent out in the same way, to anyone, sincere or not, who poses the question. It must be specific and cover all details. Until we do this, we are going to be bombarded with the same "race card" over and over.
8.  An interim government MUST be set up.  No foreign government is likely to hold discussions with diverse groups representing different organizations even though they have the same goals and aims.
9. Encourage people of means and those in manufacturing and production to set up businessses or invest in businesses are likely candidates for an alliance. If there is a strong economic bond and trade bond, that is based on more than a single good or item, each is a potential ally.  Our biggest problem in 1861 was that the Confederacy essentially had only one exportable product and no industrial or economic base of any other kind in other countries. That is not the case today.  The tradional Confederacy now produces many things that are of high value and use all over Europe and most of Asia.  We also have the financial ability to invest in these nations and establish an industrial/manufacturing presence.
This from my friend— ‘The Marine’.

MY Comment:
Perhaps now one and all can appreciate why The Confederate Society of America has been championing a Confederate Alliance over the course of these near 20 years of our existence.
This Alliance of Independent Organizations is key and essential to the advancement of that Provisional Government currently in place that I have made you all aware of.
Unless we galvanize and congeal ‘at the center’, so to speak, the Federals will take us down with them.
The Confederacy is the ONLY entity still remaining to us to prevent the Holocaust that will surely come if we do NOT prepare thanks to what Washington has done and manufactured over these last 145 years and the Last 50 in particular.

YOU cannot deny the obvious any more and continuing to do so will only hasten YOUR demise and hundreds of thousands of others.

Join us before it becomes too late.

What YOU are seeing TODAY is ALL that we predicted would visit you.

The ‘party’ is OVER folks.
Confederately yours,
Craig Maus