Recently I sent out a simple message that contained a quote from Jefferson Davis and a one sentence remark, “What are we waiting for?” I received only a handful of replies and one was a comment asking what I had been waiting for…
The sad fact is that the “Cause” as it were, is stagnant as pond water. The so-called Southern organizations are just as stagnant doing little else than collecting dues and holding monthly meet-eat-retreats at their favorite buffet. The LoS seems to be headed by inactive “leaders” that are comfortable with collecting a pay check for putting out monthly emails, attending a speaking event on a rare occasion and publishing a tabloid every so often. The SCV is an aging history club that meets behind closed doors, pledges to the Yankee rag and polishes the occasional headstone or two. There are others in our splintered movement, the Confederate Congress, Confederate States Government and a slew of other self proclaimed Southern organizations that have little websites plastered all over the internet but actually do nothing. People, we have been doing nothing for decades, is it not time to get off our collective asses, put down the beer and the remote, turn off NASCAR and get active? More than the history meeting, more than the monthly meet, eat, retreat at our favorite buffet, but actually getting out and getting active in the local community and getting the message out?
Oh, you have a website and a newsletter? Really? How do you let the masses know about them? Word of mouth? So your going to compete with the mass media, public school system, government systems with little used websites and word of mouth? Brilliant. Oh, you’re busy? So are those that seek to destroy us, busy educating your children in their schools, busy brainwashing your people via Hollywood, the news, radio, and a vast array of other easily seen methods. While you are busy, your heritage, culture and people are being eradicated a little at a time. Bit by bit and piece by piece and you are still to busy to get out and get involved.
As time ticks by, generations age and die, our youth are being educated by the enemy, our people’s future is in dire straits and we remain inactive. This generation will be the last generation capable of making the needed changes in order to secure a future for our people. If we continue down the current path then the future we secure will be one that ends our people’s existence. We will ensure that our heritage, our culture and our way of life die with us. Our youth are taught to have no pride in who they are, they are taught that their fathers were evil racists and that they should be shunned along with their racist culture, beliefs and ways of life. While others are taught to have pride in who they are, our children are taught to be ashamed, while others celebrate their culture and heritage ours are taught to ignore and denounce theirs, while others are taught to display symbols of their culture ours are told to turn their backs on theirs and those that do show pride are then punished. And we sit by far to busy to take an active stand and keep our heads shoved up our collective asses. We allow the system and progressives to indoctrinate our children to think and act in a manner that follow their agenda rather than taking back our schools and taking a stand against the enemies of our people.
While those who oppose us remove symbols that honor our people and our culture, we wring our hands in worry that we may offend some protected minority. While history is re-written we sit behind closed doors and whisper about the “good ‘ol days”. While progressive radicals take to the streets en masse demanding special treatment, amnesty and open borders, we sit on our hands and hope someone does something while we are too busy to be that someone. While those that seek to destroy our people unite in cause, method and organization, we remain self-destructive, splintered, fractured and inactive. We would rather attack one another over simplistic differences than unite against our common foe. While our enemy’s leadership gains ground our so-called leadership sits on their hands and we do nothing to remove them from office. While those against us use every available tool at their disposal to attack our people and indoctrinate our youth, we continue to use outdated methods, word of mouth and little known and little used websites. We refuse to advance with the times at our own peril.
I stated what is wrong; now I will state what needs to be done in order to fix the current problems and then advance the Cause. The infighting, bickering and petty knit picking must stop. These are self-destructive behaviors led by little men with big egos. We as a Movement must remove both the little men and the big egos and replace them with active men that put Country and Cause first and self second. We must, as a people, understand what and who we are against and that in order to defeat a united enemy, we must also unite. We must accept the fact that we will not see eye-to-eye on every issue and that, for the good of the Cause, agree to disagree and move forward. A splintered and fractured Cause is a useless Cause and will remain as ours has for generations, stagnant and ineffective.
We must recruit like minded people. Educate and train them and put them to work. We must train our youth and correct the lies they have been fed as well as work to re-educate all generations with the truth and we must use ALL possible means to accomplish this. Outdated methods are ineffective. Modern methods must be incorporated in reaching and teaching the masses. We are in a technological age, the Cause must also be moved into the modern era, and, like it or not people, this is not 1861.
We must move forward, become active from a grass roots stand point, using local politics, local events and local issues to gain ground and get seen. We must use public events, venues and gatherings to reach the people at a local level. Staging our own events around the area and offering weekly meetings to educate and discuss the issues current to the Cause. Modernize and adapt our methods and message in such a way that it will attract the people and keep their attention, bites and bits not books and 45 minute speeches. Leave the books and lectures for advanced classes.
Getting out and getting seen is key to advancing the Cause, recruiting new members and getting the pond water moving once more. Hiding behind closed doors, holding monthly meet, eat and retreats, and word of mouth are ineffective and useless. These are outdated methods that have no impact and are a waste of effort, energy and time. Being a common sight in the local community is key, getting involved on the local level then progressing to the state level is how the Cause will advance and make a difference. Working as a united front, using a common organization with an elected leadership that is held accountable is also a key element in establishing a working and functional movement. We are far too fractured to be effective, and our enemies love our current do nothing status. They want to keep us this way. We must end this self-defeating way of doing things and unite under a common organization with an answerable leadership that takes the ball and runs with it. Top to bottom and front to rear leadership will be required. Take command and lead from the front rather than sit in the rear and direct.
In order for the Cause to survive, grow and get moving, WE must change our tactics and methods, adapt to the times, expand our methods, get over generations old conflicts, end feuds, educate ourselves and our people, unite the Movement, understand who we as a people, and take action. There is no other way.
For A United Front,
Eric Meadows
Southern Nationalist