Thoughts of A Southron


I recently wrote an article for Fireeaters, I hope you all enjoy it:

When did it become evil to celebrate one’s heritage? When did it become asinine to let yourself be consumed by the rich history that your ancestors fought and died for? When did it become a horrible atrocity to let yourself take one small moment and just realize that the heritage that you are let slip away will not be there when you wake up.

In this whirlpool we call life, we oftentimes find ourselves questioning the things we have held dear to us for many years because of a new wave of thought and feeling towards such. Is it so difficult to just take a moment and let yourself be educated where you lack and see things for how they really are and not for what someone else may tell you about them? Is it so hard to let yourself become enlightened? Enlightened with the knowledge that you know what truly went on and you no longer have to question the “if, ands or buts?” I ask you, truly, please do this before you dare bash to cause which we as Southrons fight for each and every day; the right that is not always ours. The right to celebrate our ancestors without the unholy chastisement of the masses of people who are either too ignorant or too unconfident to learn and maybe, just maybe let their minds be freed.

Many of us spend each and every day loving our heritage and loving that specific part of who we are. It does indeed define exactly who we are at times, and it’s very, very sad. Why has a once great symbol of state’s rights now become the epitomizing symbol of all that is wrong with the world, when it had nothing to do with that particular mindset. Why have our children grown up with the ideals that what their own ancestors fought for during the “War of Northern Aggression” as it is sometimes called, when in reality, it’s real nature is more that of “The Second War of Independence?” Is not Independence a worthy cause to fight for? Have we not be desecrated long enough by this intense and deeply ignorant hatred towards our people?

We are Southrons! We are the people who have and will always fight for our homelands, our families, our sweethearts and wives. We are not backwards, we are not in-bred, and we are not stupid! We are Southrons! We demand before God that we are treated with the respect that we have we have shown to others, and we ask for no pity in our cause, we only ask for respect. That is what we are about: Respect, Honor, and Dignity!

How dare anyone ever question those contributions of the Southron leaders? How dare anyone say that the great Jefferson Davis or Alexander Stephens were in vain? How dare one say that secession is against the very laws of our great country when indeed, We, were not the first!

I quiver at the fact that there is not enough emphasis on the truth of the matter when it refers to the Southron people. History is written by the victors, but in this case, History was written by both the victor and the loser, and the loser has yet to be heard in the matter. How is it that we must be scrutinized and downplayed by an ignorant public when we ourselves are not to blame for the insolence of the uneducated? How dare you say that there is no room here for any “Southern Racist Bull****” When the very article you read only voices a concern?! Are our concerns not valid in your eyes? Are we far too backwards to be considered savvy in our concerns? Would you like us to just return to our farms and be ever silent while our livelihood is swept from beneath us?

How dare you, I ask you now, threaten me because I display a sign of my country’s pride upon my chest? How dare you threaten my livelihood because you feel a certain way about the cross or the flag upon my chest, on my collar, or on my back? How dare you even think of besmirching the heritage which is rightfully ours while we sit idly by and let you flaunt your own? We do not lash out at you because of your heritage and we ask that you do the same for us. We are a group of people, just as are many others. We have our own music, our own culture, our own foods, etc. We have never questioned the various foods you eat, or the clothes you wear, or the flag you fly. Why do you question ours?

As a final though, I must ask, above all other things, Do you feel as if you are better then us? Do you feel like you have anything over us? Or is it just that you don’t feel obligated to learn about a culture that has superseded your own and has flourished since before the start of the United States of America? Or do you find yourself oblivious to your own heritage that you must insult one where you have shoddy facts and bold-faced lies? If you have answered the latter, may you be enlightened swiftly.

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