Those were the Days
I had the honour earlier in the day to see a preview of Billy Price’s latest post on SHNV. In fact I think he and I exchanged 3 or 4 mails regarding it.  I am delighted to see Billy Bearden reply to it just now, and I must say the latter Billy brought back some wonderful memories to me and my family.
Elijah Coleman, the grand daddy of all flaggers, what an excellent  analogy; Project Wave, what an undertaking, what an accomplishment. When I was Commander of the Spince Blankenship Camp 1802 Il Div. SCV, we supported Elijah’s project. At his invitation we (Pam, Mayme , and myself) were guests in his home, the night prior to and following the Flag rally from Turner Field to the Gold Dome.  Never have we been treated any better anywhere.
It was at that rally, we met people that we now hold in our hearts as family all these years later.
So many memories made during a little more than 48 hours. Favorites would be, running up and down roads at night with Elijah nailing  placards to poles regarding the 56 flag. 2.Actually getting to raise a flag at the pole my camp supported. 3. Looking back during the march, and never seeing the end of Confederate flags being carried with honour by men women, and children. 4. Being tossed out of the peoples house for refusing to surrender my camps colours, I was in grand company…..Billy Bearden first tossed out, myself second to be tossed out, Sam Lyons, who went on to become my first Cmder when I transferred  my membership to the Ga. Div third tossed out, my now Cmder Tom Lavender soon followed.
Oh how proud I was to be in the company of men cut from such cloth. I was so proud of Pam and Mayme for standing their ground as well, I was so honoured to be among those interviewed by the press.  They tried so hard to get me to slip up, they had no idea how many interviews I had given long before that day…
Oh those were the days of real Southron Patriotism and Pride. Loud and Proud in your face… Where have those days gone?
T Warren
Heritage Officer Brg. Gen Henry Kent McCay Camp 2172 Ga Div SCV
"Defender and Victor of doctortown"
PS. It was on the aforementioned day, that I was labeled " a halfbreed hick, with a flag on a stick". I still wear that title like a badge of honour.