"Those people"…
From: wildbill4dixie@yahoo.com

…or, if you prefer, those "northeast liberal elites."
Re: http://www.thestranger.com/seattle/Content?oid=19816
Allow me to say a few words on behalf of my Southern friends, and perhaps, on behalf of those living in other “red states,” as well as on behalf of “red state” individuals like myself who live in “blue states” – all of whom you have so thoroughly insulted.
Wow! Mr. "Anonymous" is going to kick my a**? How courageous. Given the fact that you’ve chosen to hide behind an “anonymous” screen name, I’m not exactly shaking in my boots!
Ok, Mr. Anonymous, now hear this. Throughout the “Civil War”, many Southerners repeatedly stated “All we ask is to be left alone.” Of course, a lot of people from states like yours just couldn’t understand what those words meant. So let me lay it out for you, albeit 150 years too late:
Keep your gay marriage. You can marry another guy, or your dog, or your pet mongoose for all I care. Just don’t tell me I have to allow it where I live.
Keep your precious Yankee dollars. We don’t need your money to buy stop signs. We’ll build our own thank you, and we’ll include a brand new sign as well, one which will be placed at our states’ borders and which will be directed at people like you and which will say, “KEEP OUT!”
Don’t like the 10 commandments? Fine – you can stick up a picture of a golden calf in your statehouse or a picture of Donald Duck or a picture of Paris Hilton for all I care. Just don’t tell me  what I may or may not put up in my statehouse.
Don’t like our Confederate flags? No one says you have to like them. You don’t live here so it should, in theory at least, be none of your concern. While it always seems that folks like you feel compelled to order Southerners not to fly their Confederate flags, I have yet to hear of any Southerners telling "northeast liberal elites" to take down that statue of the greatest barn burner in history (General Sherman) from Union Square. And given the difference in temperaments between the two peoples, I don’t expect that I will be seeing the latter any time soon either.
Don’t lecture us about the Constitution. We are quite fond of it and its amendments, or at least the amendments that were written by the Founding Fathers. The first amendment, for example, is what keeps us free and you won’t find many people in red states advocating for the scrapping of it or for government control of free speech. You will find that sort of crap however, emanating from the blue states, from, yes, those “northeast liberal elites” who are simply too dense to realize that tyranny cannot ever exist in a place where freedom of speech is a jealously guarded right. And yes, we are even willing to tolerate the verbal diarrhea of those like you in order to protect that right and to remain free. We also believe strongly in the 10th amendment. Go look it up and see if your petty little mind can comprehend what it says. And we also believe that the Constitution is to be taken literally. This belief differs markedly from the interpretation of “northeast liberal elites” who seem to feel that it is a “living breathing document,” which can be interpreted any which way that suits them at whatever time.
And don’t lecture us about the American Revolution and about how you founded this country. If we had left it all to you guys, we’d all be drinking tea and gulping down crumpets today. And Jamestown Virginia, for your information, preceded Plymouth by 13 years – go read a history book. And oh, let me give you two words to ponder in regards to the Revolution, “George Washington.” (He happened to be from Virginia, by the way). So by all means, keep your Plymouth Rock. You can fasten it to a chain, wrap it around your neck and hurl yourself into Nantucket Sound for all we care. We’ve got enough of our own history to keep us busy.
“We should have let them go when they wanted to leave”? Yes, you should have. But it simply isn’t in your nature. If left alone, you would have no one to lecture, no one to intimidate, no one to bully, no one to badger, no one to look down your noses at, no one to tell how to live their lives, and no one to hurl your 4 letter word insults at. In short, you would wither and die, because those are the things that keep you “northeast liberal elites” going. They are the things which give meaning to your droll little lives and which make you who and what you are. Do you really want to know what the true cause of the Civil War was? Go look in the nearest mirror and you’ll see it staring back at you.
Still want to let us go? It’s not too late. There are, I think, many in the Southern states and in the “red” states in general, who would gladly say “adios” to those of your ilk. Just show us where to sign and it’ll be a done deal.
Bill Vallante
Commack, NY