Thistle and Nightshade?
Many of you enjoy the abovenamed program on NPR, as I do. Anybody but me notice there was more than music and celticism to the program on Sunday?
My message to its redoubtable producer is below. This may not seem a Southern issue, but it is — thoroughly. The South is strongly celtic; our movement boasts a celtic-imprinted radio *station* or two; our flag features the cross of Scotland’s patron saint. Where did the brilliant and irresistible Ms Ritchie elect to base her program? Matthews, NC. So, what’s this prime celtic princess doing promoting a noxious alien ideology from there?
Anybody similarly concerned who would like to send the lady a polite protest message, please do:
What an outstanding artist of broadcasting you are, Ms. Ritchie. And what a shock that you would turn your beautiful, unique program over to a commie like Pete Seeger, just like that!
What, may one ask, is in any way celtic about Pete, the Weavers, the civil riots movement, ad infintum? On the contrary these are all about the destruction of celtic people and the raising up of others to exploit, tyrannize and decimate them.
I was brought up on The Weavers, Dylan, the Hootenanny TV program and the rest of the folk revival as it was happening in the 1950s-60s. We worshiped these things and people. My folks went to hear the Weavers at Carnegie Hall. My uncle and aunt had an apartment off Washington Square in NYC and on weekends we’d go hear the fantastic free folkfest going on in the Square. As a small child it was "Pete Seeger’s Sleep Time Stories and Songs" every night for a while there. But I feel fortunate in having grown up to discern the musical stars’ subversiveness and nihilism….. despite the trouble knowing the truth often brings.
Yes, of course I love Where Have All The Flowers Gone, If I Had a Hammer, and all the more wholesome songs of the epoch. I hate environmental destruction and war, but I also hate socialism, the other product the gods of the heavily edomitic "American" folk and rock scene have always peddled. Surely you’re aware that it’s killed scores of millions in the past century, and is presently menacing or killing every notably celtic country? Pete’s causes of unionism, "civil rights" and environmentalism have been poisoned with socialism from the first. It’s great to champion the rivers — amen to that — but it looks like Pete promotes the global warming or "climate change" lie as well:
Your marvelous selections and presentation on Thistle are markedly different from all that. I’m sincerely sorry for the celtic performers to whom Pete Seeger is such a god, because they’re digging their own grave by such hero-worship. The genuinely peaceable, benign aspects of his life and work are diametrically opposed to the rest of it — I don’t know how these all happen to coexist in the same person. Well, I do, but there’s no use going into it here.
I beg you, no more excursions into political correctness. NPR is politically correct to the hilt, but you do not have to be. Surely it’s not your own natural inclination!?….
Thank you for the rest of your work (I trust you’ve read my previous fan mail) and for hearing me out.
Nelson Waller, M.Mus.
Anderson, S.C.