July 08, 2009

This is our history; don’t let people rewrite it

To the Editor:
Cumberland Times-News

I am amazed that the elected officials in this county are paying any attention to a resident of Garrett County who wants to change the thinking of the residents of this county. In former administrations if a non-resident complained or wanted special privileges they were told to go back to where they came from.

I have to assume that the current commissioners do not plan to run for office in 2010 or they would not be alienating the electorate who is very largely Christian and patriotic.

The article in the July 3 paper by Jeff Davis (“Decision rejecting flag brochure was right one”) is so full of inaccurate material that I just had to respond. I was there during all these events and the board did not reject the brochure yet.

Only Dr. Aumiller had a problem because the Cumberland Historic Cemetery emblem was on the brochure and it contained religious symbols. Not one word of rejection was uttered about the factual information in the brochure about the flags.

Jeff Davis needs to study the real history of the time before and during the Civil War and he would see that many slave holders resided in the north and belonged to the Union. Indeed the war was about state’s rights and the slavery issue was a side issue.

Of course, the real history is being rewritten by people like Mr. Davis who want to remove all reference to God, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution or at least insert their version of these documents at every opportunity.

The Southerners were no more traitors than the Northerners who wanted big government control. The same fight goes on today in the halls of state legislatures through out this country. The only difference is we fight it out in the courts and not on the battlefield.

Mr. Davis’ ignorance about the Confederate flag fuels the hatred being fomented by a couple of young blacks in this town who have spent time in prison learning all the negative things that are untrue about the white black issues and trying to divide this community.

The brochure was put out to show these fallacies so that future young residents will not keep these myths going and keep hatred growing.

With the current secular push to big government control of everyone, people are very incensed at all elected officials who do not take a strong position for the freedom of their constituents.

We do not want revisionist history taught in the schools or in the textbooks and we do not want anything but the actual wording of the Constitution on any monument that Jeff Davis wants to put on the courthouse grounds.

By the way, why doesn’t Mr. Davis ask the Garrett County Commissioners to put his monument on Garrett’s Courthouse grounds and leave Allegany County alone? Mr. Davis does not pay taxes in this county and should not be granted any rights here.

Mary C. Miltenberger
President, Preservation Society of Allegany County