Below is what I have mailed to this Bateman character.


Mr. Bateman,

I read your article and response to a letter, if you are a historian, you should remember that even Lincoln himself said that the states have the right to leave, so that is not debatable. I should also say that the Supreme Court ruled that Jefferson and all others were NOT, and I repeat this , NOT traitors nor were they treasonous because they had a right to leave the United States if they felt they were not properly represented. So the aspect of treason cannot be applied. Even today all those who come from states such as Louisiana, Texas, Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Arkansas, Missouri, and Kentucky are CONSIDERED as "Southern" people, so that argument fails. The Confederate States of America was a country as so noticed by nations such as France, Britain, and other European nations along with other nations of the world at that time so once again this argument fails given the Fact that the Confederacy was a nation of its own after leaving the "Union". Now we get to the black southerners, there were many of them and to recount their stories of how good they were treated would take more pages and words then I could fit in one e mail and once again this point is mot and cannot hold up to debate. Now on the slavery debate, once again your "education" seems to be a slight off and maybe you should go back to school to learn the truth, I am sorry, but the truth is not taught in the North, anyway, to set you right on the slavery issue, the UNITED STATES not only allowed slavery for some 89 years, but it actually GREW slavery for 89 years even until 1865. I know you will probably say the "emancipation proclamation "freed them, yet that would also be a lie and one of which Lincoln himself even said" The Emancipation Proclamation does not hold any legal or Constitutional grounds, it was done only as a military maneuver." Now considering the FACT that slavery actually diminished under Confederate rule, and grew under the United States rule, it would seem that your argument here is also flawed and becomes disputed due to lack of evidence showing what you lay claim to.

Given all that you have written, and the FACTS mentioned above, I could not believe that you know anything about a real or imagined history. Your education that you so boldly exclaim, becomes a huge burden to hold up against Facts that overwhelm your small minded ness and lack of Facts. From what you state, it becomes very clear that no matter how many FACTS are presented, you will NEVER admit that you are wrong and your biased and hatred for those of the South shows your lack of intelligence and understanding. I am sure that had you been brought up in the South you would have a different attitude about those good people of the South which we are proud to say we are. Most of us seldom use any Hyphenated words to describe our heritage we are proud to be of the SOUTH and no one can change that.

Leon Puissegur
Author "Forward The Colors"

RE: Confederate Battle Flag


Friends and compatriots,

I more then likely hit this fool dead center since all he could send back was the response below which does not support any of his argument, as a matter of fact this response would do more to support my Facts that he cannot dispute. I love it when I can back them against the wall and leave them with little to fight with. I may send a response, but do not know if it is worth the time.

Leon Puissegur


You, sir, are a complete and utterly delusional nutjob.

No wonder you could not get anyone but Publish America to touch your book.

I recommend that if you do not like my burning of the flag of my nation’s enemy, then you move out of the United States.

Bob Bateman