Re: The Old Confederacy needs a third Reconstruction


To the Editor:

So the right Reverend William Barber of the North Carolina NAACP thinks the South needs a third reconstruction. I’ll bet he thinks he is just the man for the job.

What will it take to pacify & satisfy the NAACP’s bloodlust over the institution of slavery in American, the enslavement of modern-day whites & putting us in the cotton fields? This seems to be the bottom line for all the rhetoric & innuendo coming from black organizations like the NAACP.

It would serve the William Barbers of this country well to research the history of white slavery in America during the colonial period as well as white slavery as it was practiced for thousands of years in Europe.

Blacks are not the only race in the world who suffered slavery at some point in their past. White Americans grew tired of hearing this broken record long ago as we immediately recognized it for what it is, using white history to invoke white guilt to achieve a modern-day political agenda at the expense of the white race & everything associated with it. In short, the replacement of western civilization in America with something that has failed time after time during the history of Africa.

Thanks but, no thanks I prefer to keep what we already have, warts & all.

Billy E. Price
Ashville, Al.