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Sent: Mon, May 3, 2010

Dear Friends of the South,

Southern State governors during this period every year receive many requests about declaring Confederate History Month in their respective States. There is little media concern when the governors ignore or deny these requests.  But, should a governor actually honour those requests they most assuredly guarantee themselves a prominent place in both State and national news.

This year Virginia State Governor Bob McDonnell issued a proclamation honouring Confederate History Month and the expected anti-Southern racism followed like sunrises are followed by sunsets. On 11 April 2010 the Associated Press began their coverage with these words, “Less than three months into office, Gov. Bob McDonnell was blindsided last week by questions his Confederate History Month decree evoked questions his Confederate History Month decree evoked, and the national furor that ensued.”

Then followed CNN’s grilling of the governor’s spoke-persons and representatives of the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) in an effort to make them look like the radical racists of 19th century New England. It happens every year, just ask Brag Bowling and Frank Earnest of the Virginia Division of SCV. When Southern States are threatened by non-Southern boycott’s most Southerns say, “Great! Stay home.” Tourism increased in South Carolina an average of 11-17% each month and year following the NAACP boycott over their attitudes about the Confederate Naval Jack.

It is interesting to note that those who hate the Confederate Naval Jack call it by another name, the “Confederate Battle Flag.” They don’t even know the name of the flag but they presume to take a stand, and force their thinking on others, about what they think that flag “may” represent. No serious student of Confederate history takes them seriously much less really wants to take the time to correct their uninformed views. Intolerant socialists are not deterred by an accurate presentation of facts. They remind me of some of my friends during my college days who did “not want studying to interfere” with their “college education (partying).”

The attached essay is the speech given by Dr. Clyde N. Wilson at the 13th Annual Gettysburg Banquet of the J.E.B. Stuart Camp, SCV, in Philadelphia on 03 November 2007. He gives a thoughtful presentation on why freedom loving people should honour their Southern Confederate ancestors who fought for the Confederate States of America in defense of the principles of the Constitution of the United States as it was understood by our ancestors who earlier had fought the military of the worlds most powerful empire under the British. The descendants of those New England Americans who supported the British against the American Colonies during the American Revolutionary war of secession from England, and then supported the British against the United States during the War of 1812, now defend the forces of Abraham Lincoln against the Confederate States of America.

This best way to read this is as a PDF file. However, I have also attached it in another common form for those who do not use Acrobat’s PDF.

Deo Vindice.


How Should 21st Century Americans Think about the War for Southern Independence?   (Microsoft Word Document)

How Should 21st Century Americans Think about the War for Southern Independence?  (PDF Format)

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