Things beyond our control
Dear Mr. Diamond,
I, too, am saddened by the appearance of the Klan anywhere at any time for any reason. However, having said that, the fact is that even the Klan is guaranteed the right to assemble and speak by virtue of the First Amendment. Efforts to prevent them from doing so – no matter from whence such efforts arise – merely undermine our own First Amendment rights.
However, I am very much distressed to see that not only do the enemies of Southern heritage hold every Southron and those like myself who side with you responsible for something which is beyond our ability – legal or otherwise – to control, but even good folks like yourself apparently believe that we have somehow failed when the Klan arrives. That is just plain nonsense and only plays into the hands of true racists like the NAACP. As noted above, we cannot morally, legally or physically prevent the appearance of the Klan when that organization chooses to appear.
As well, I wish that the other side took the appearance of their own race baiters so much to heart! I don’t recall anyone in the “black community” apologizing for those white voters who were chased from the polls in the last election by members of the radical Black Panthers – and that is a whole lot more problematic than a few hoods at a football game! That involves a citizen’s right to vote!
With regard to the Klan, however, it seems to me that the silence of a majority of Southerners regarding the protection of their history, heritage and rights greatly encourages the Klan to “appear” in these matters. Last summer, when a black Auburn, Alabama Councilman took it upon himself to enter private property and remove the battle flag from the graves of Confederate soldiers while ladies of the UDC were placing those flags, there was very little response from the local community about this outrage until people like myself – from outside of the area – so inundated the local newspaper that the people of Auburn took the matter up and the “Councilman” was forced to return the flags and issue a most unsatisfactory “apology”. But while the matter was still apparently being ignored locally (except by liberals who were all applauding Mr. Dowdell’s enlightened actions), the Ku Klux Klan from New Jersey offered to come down to Auburn and demonstrate against the removal of the flags. Fortunately, the matter caught fire and the Klan did not find it necessary to appear. But you see, the apathy of many local folks is what often encourages the Klan to come and “represent” the side of Southern heritage – and that, frankly, should be considered a bigger reason for shame by the good folks of the South than the Klan itself!
I refuse to apologize for the Klan even though in the 20th century, its largest chapters were in the Mid-West! One cannot help one’s relatives or the nature of those who agree with this or that particular point of view one espouses. Hitler was kind to animals. Does that mean that the ASPCA should go around justifying its viewpoint? John Wayne Gacy was big in local Democrat politics. Does that mean that the local Democrats should have been held to account for Gacy’s actions? I’m sure that you get my drift here. Forget the Klan and stand for the South. Who knows? If enough Southerners and their friends do so, maybe the Klan will die off by virtue of simple neglect.
Deo Vindice!
Valerie Protopapas