I fly a 3ft X 5ft Confederate Battle-flag 24 / 7 on a pole in my front yard. How about you? If we don’t fly our flag, who will? Over the past twenty years as my flag was flying, other Battle-flags began to appear. Now in a distance of about five miles, eight more are flying. I remember in the forties and fifties, one could see Battle-flags flying across Kentucky and the South. The school issue brought out folks who used our flag for wrong reasons. The modern day Klan has stolen our flag and used it in their public display of hate. The greatest disgrace our flag has suffered has been at the hand of the NAACP. Broke, disgraced, and losing membership and support at a rapid rate, they needed a enemy to attack and blame. What better symbol than the Confederate Battle-flag and the people who fly it!
Now, after more than a decade, we hear their battle cry across the land. In schools, in newspapers, on courthouse lawns, in cemeteries, and in courts of law we hear their cry, I’m offended!
What should we do to turn this lame attack back? When thing go north, look South! Look to the Battle-flag. I ask again, how about you? If you don’t fly our flag, you should! You must overcome your apathy, your fear, and do your duty! Your one flag will open the door to opportunities for you and many others. Most thinking folks know our country is in trouble, and time is short for us to act. Do something now, TODAY! 
A Grandson of "THE OLD REBEL"–FRED C. WILHITE~~Forrest’s-Orphans Camp~1744, PO Box 10, Calhoun,KY 42327.  270-785-4594 WHAT WOULD GENERAL FORREST DO? KEEP UP THE SKEER! Join The Flaggers.