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Date: January 26, 2010
Subject: Fwd: 71 Things About Lincoln that Beck won’t Tell You

Added first-hand commentary about Lincoln…

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Even DiLorenzo is missing on some points concerning Lincoln. I have read many things by DiLorenzo.
Just for one example – He keeps calling Lincoln a ‘lawyer’ and that is what the Federalized version push, truth is, Lincoln never went to law school or any college in reality. That was all Federally fabricated.   Lincoln was self-taught in reading and writing. He was an expert in the con game.  He could con anyone.  I even knew that part when I was a child, way back. I heard that first hand even from my great-grandparents who lived in Lincoln’s regime. They knew  what a fake Lincoln was. Most of the people (including Yankees) hated Lincoln which is why they had to ‘fix’ his both elections to get him in.
The Lincoln Republican Party (1854) was formed by Marxists (including Lincoln) with the goal of OWG – the same goal they still have by the way.   DiLorenzo misses these points. .
Lincoln also was a passionate hater of Christians as well as blacks, Indians, Jews, Mexicans, Cubans, and anyone who was not exactly like HIM or who was not pure white (which he himself was not).   Lincoln was an open white supremacist.
Lincoln also had mental and emotional problems and was treated for it.  It would be called manic-depression today.   He was not the quiet gentle creature the invented Federal versions present him as.
Lincoln was a loud-mouthed, uncouth, unrelenting for his crave for power (like Obama is) and a brutal dictator. He was good friends with Karl Marx and Marx advised him behind closed doors all the time Lincoln was in office. Marx was a mentor of Lincoln’s.  Lincoln was a dedicated Marxist to the day he died. Marx was involved in the procuring of the Lincoln war.
DiLorenzo actually goes very easy on Lincoln for the blood-thirsty ego maniac he really was.