Colour and race only matter to those who profit.
Good morning Chuck, I am sitting here waiting on a phone call from my drummer who btw happens to be half black, half American Indian. Though he is 12 years my junior I have known him all of his life.
Some may know it some may not, but for almost two weeks solid, we have been battered up here with storm after storm and torrential rains. The river is above flood stage this morning, and I heard from law enforcement that the levees are questionable.
Some might remember a couple years back when the levees let go, and the county was inundated with water for weeks. Shucks it even made the National News. We are all holding our breath it doesn’t happen again as the county never really has recovered since the last time.  My drummer has just recently wed for the first time ever, and his wife is a joy to be around. She suffers from MS yet keeps a positive attitude. I wouldn’t think that all that easy to do.
At this time the flood waters are within  feet of their lovely little home. Myself and the rest of my bandmates are waiting the call from Milton that he has procured a trailer and is ready for us to evacuate them before the waters are at the house.
I was thinking here over coffee with all the BS that goes on about race is really manufactured by those who profit from keeping the pot stirred. It certainly doesn’t apply to those of us who are more like brothers than most blood relates.
There isn’t one member of my band that wouldn’t come to the aid of any of us, or strangers for that matter if the need should arise. I suspect there is a much larger segment of humans who are the same…you just never hear of them.
On another note the largest segment of our Confederate gravesites here in the county lay just South of the levee, I worry for them as well, the last time the levee broke  the headstones took a beating. My family and a couple friend put them back right as best we could but old stones  like old bones can only take so much.
I would preciate the people on this list that believe in prayer include all of us sometime soon in prayer. For those here who don’t believe in prayer perhaps you could wish good luck our way.  This is a fine little copperhead community and we have over  the past dozen years made great steps in getting out the truth of the war. I’d like to be able to continue that for years to come.
I hope this finds  those of you in Dixie safe and well, I know y’all have been hit hard as well this spring.
Warmest Confederate regards
From Behind enemy lines, in illannoy,
T Warren Heritage Officer camp 2172 GA Div SCV