They Cant Do That…
After talking with Greg, a friend of mine, about a trip he took to D.C. in order to speak with the COCC he commented on something that I have heard numerous times in the past. He brought up that several people in the meeting repeated the phrase “they can’t do that, it is unconstitutional”. “They” being the government of course and regardless of what the “thing” was the people insisted that it would be unconstitutional for the government to proceed with that activity.
How many times have we said, “they cant do that, it is unconstitutional”? How many times have we heard that phrase uttered in conversation, read that phrase in a newspaper or on a talk show? The Founding Fathers in their infinite wisdom established limitations to the federal government via the Constitution; those limits were set in place in an attempt to keep the feds in check. The hope was that the states would stay sovereign and the people would remain free from a tyrannical and overbearing federal government. Sadly, that has not been the case since Lincoln first trampled the Constitution in order to save his precious union. Lincoln opened Pandoras Box and set the stage for President after President to trample the Constitution, all for the good of the nation of course. Through out history we see examples of such acts by the federal government, whether statements from George W. Bush “Its just a goddamn piece of paper” in reference to the Constitution or Obama’s statements that the Constitution is “fundamentally flawed”, that we needed to “break free from the essential constraints” of the Constitution. The Republican sweetheart Ronald Reagan broke the 5th Amendment by allowing police to confiscate property in order to pay for the so-called war on drugs. “nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.” 
Sadly we have seen far to many events of the government failing to abide by the constraints of the Constitution, far to many times have we seen an out of control central government run amok over the rights of the state and that of the people, all in the name of the union. The days that the governments power being shackled by the constraints of the Constitution are long over, we are now in a time that the Constitution is seen as little more than an aging and out of date document best left to the history books. The government sees that it gives the people their rights or removes them as needed, the government knows best for each person, each state and will not let something as simplistic as the Constitution stand in their way. It is no longer “For the People, by the People” but rather for the government, by the government and anyone that dares stand in its way will pay a harsh price.
So the next time you start to mutter “they cant do that, it is unconstitutional” just remember that every President since Lincoln has ignored the Constitution and the limits it places on government, next time you hear that phrase stated remind them that Congress sees the Constitution as an out of date document best left in the halls of a museum. Remember that very few government officials, law enforcement, politicians see the Constitution as valid in today’s time. Just remember that most if not all see the few remaining rights you enjoy as being gifts given to you not by the Creator but rather by the government and can and will be taken away as that government sees fit.
For A Free And Independent South