If this isn’t an example of "Divine Intervention" I don’t know what is?! If you made a list of the top 100 guys who have stuck it to Southerners over the last 20 years, John Latschar, Supt. of the Gettysburg Battlefield Park, would at least have been ranked in the top 50. As superintendent of the most active "Civil War" battlefield park in the country, he has had the opportunity to influence nearly 2 million visitors per year since 1994.
He and I have crossed swords several times in the past, most recently, in 2007, when the new Gettysburg Visitor Center opened up. After visiting that center and being overcome with nausea, I wrote a review of my experience and sent it to Latschar. One thing I questioned, and still continue to question, was, how were so many former slaves, largely uneducated, found fit to hold political office and positions of responsibilty? He wrote me back with one or two examples of black men holding office who could actually read and write. I replied to him with a deluge of examples of black men holding public office who clearly could not find their butts with both hands. That was the last I heard from him.
Today, a friend of mine who lives in Gettysburg sent me the link to the above newspaper story. Like me, she’s a died in the wool Confederate who, unfortunately, happened to be born in the north. Maybe it’s "Divine Intervention", or "Divine Retribution", maybe it’s simply an example of a guy who’s too stupid to realize that if you’re going to surf porn sites you’d better do it at home instead of at work?
I keep looking at the "Evening Sun" webpage and I keep rubbing my eyes, thinking perhaps that someone is playing a practical joke on me. I have clicked on the link a half dozen times and it still comes through. Guess it’s not a joke?! In any case, what goes ’round, comes ’round. Score one for our side. One Yankee down and a whole bunch more to go!
Bill Vallante