Who says there are no miracles?
From: vaproto@optonline.net
It may be that Almighty God has delivered a true miracle into our hands at the beginning of the sesquicentennial celebrations. Harvard professor Henry Gates (of Beer Summit fame) has apparently written a book fully elucidating the involvement of African blacks in the slave trade. Gates is an especially excellent means of conveying this information since he is a “liberal” and friend of Obama and cannot be dismissed as a conservative “Uncle Tom”. I do believe that this book – if it meets the expectations expressed – will represent the very finest weapon against the myths of black innocence and white guilt in the matter of slavery. The matter is covered in more depth here:
I know that I will be purchasing a copy of Professor Gate’s book when it appears and I am not averse to sending him a message of thanks that he has overcome a natural liberal inclination to indulge in “racial victimization” in order to set the record straight. If in fact his book does that, then Gates should be seen as a shining example for his fellow academicians.