"Voices Of The South"
A Gift From Dixie Outfitters

By Dewey Barber, President – Dixie Outfitters

There have been many calls for many years for the various Southern heritage groups to unite and present an effective counter offensive to the onslaught of political correctness, revision of history and racist hype that is spewed forth daily in the news media.

Sadly, we have not yet united and it is possible that we might not ever unite. Our message cannot wait! We must act now and tell the public our side of the story. We will lose the fight for the minds of the people if we continue only to react in defense at the injustices and lies that are heaped upon us.

We must have a pro-active public relations campaign that will constantly inform the public of our views and issues. This campaign must be a permanent part of our Southern heritage movement.

To this end, Dixie Outfitters offers to the Southern heritage community a gift. This gift is a professional public relations campaign, staffed by a professional media expert of the highest quality. It is my hope and plan that after this first year, this gift will be a self-perpetuating and self-sustaining effort. This gift is named "Voices of the South."

"Voices of the South" is a new public relation campaign headed by Dave Henderson. Dave Henderson is a public relations expert with 35 years experience in public affairs. He is former executive director of the Virginia Jaycees, appointed by President Nixon to the Cost of Living Council, a former Washington lobbyist for Pan American Airlines among others. His other clients have included General William C. Westmoreland, former Chief of Staff of the United States Army. Dave Henderson has been cited in many books, newspapers, magazines and broadcast stories. The New York Times, in a front-page story during the Westmoreland v. CBS trial credited him with the first major public relations/legal case. Today, both law schools and schools of journalism use that case in their curriculum.

Dave Henderson and Voices of the South needs effective speakers who are willing to give of their time to tell the world about our glorious and noble heritage. We are seeking individuals who will be willing to become the voices for Southern Heritage. Categories of speakers that would be desirable include, historians, legal scholars, humorists, and leaders of heritage groups, writers, teachers, professors, medical doctors, retirees with unique communications skills and others with the ability to enlighten and entertain audiences. Those audiences would include broadcast as well as live assemblies, newspaper interviews, and other engagements based on available talent. It would be highly desirable to have Americans from all races and religions as participants. We need speakers from all parts of the country so that no matter where the opportunity arises, we will have a qualified spokesman available at a moments notice. We need many speakers so that the task of telling our story will not fall to heavily on any one speaker.

Dave’s task will be to locate the right media outlet and schedule the correct speaker for that event.

Those interested in becoming a part of Voices of the South, we urge you to contact us at:

Voices of the South
David W. Henderson,
6313 Gormley Place
Springfield, Virginia 22152
or by E-mail:dhender999@aol.com

Please include a brief biography, address, phone number and E-mail address. Include samples of writing if appropriate.

If you are interested but unable to participate, but know of someone you believe could be an effective spokesman or woman, please put him or her in touch with us.

Edmund Burke said, "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."

If you love the South, if you are educated about our Southern heritage and have the ability to speak publicly and are willing to do so please contact "Voices of the South."

The time to do nothing has passed.

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