The System
By Al Benson, Jr.
1 January 2009

Most people in this country, whether they realise it or not, are not nearly as free and independent as they would like to think they are. In the past few generations we have grown up with the mistaken belief that this is “the land of the free.” Well it isn’t, and hasn’t been since 1865 when the War of Northern Aggression supposedly (but not really) ended.
"We are so ignorant anymore that we don’t know what we don’t know."

In our day we are held captive by a Marxist culture of perpetual “reconstruction” which is always changing, shaping, molding and politically kneading all of us until one day we will supposedly emerge from this dialectical process as “citizens of the world” (the new Soviet man). We will not be able to think with the clarity our grandfathers had. We will lack the ability to understand the world as they (at least some of them) did. We will not be able to view our history and heritage as many of them did. We will be as intellectual yo-yo’s, pulled hither and yon on the strings of the internationalists, and we won’t have the sense to realise it.

A major part of what makes all this possible is our government (supposedly public) school system, that mysterious system of (mis) education that has made the vast maority of us spiritual and intellectual dum-dums. We are so ignorant anymore that we don’t know what we don’t know. We are so benighted that we think we now know it all. Talk about clueless in Carolina, that’s us in spades!

I have a friend in Georgia who used to be a public high school teacher in North Carolina, Randy C. Murray. In 2007 he wrote a book which he self-published, called Legally Stupid: Why Johnny Doesn’t Have to Read. It can still be purchased from Peach Pine Publishing, P O Box 171, Ludowici, Georgia 31316. Check it out on the Internet. Mr. Murray exposes the sham that the public school system is regarding real education with this book. It is not always easy reading, but if you stick with it you will learn how public schools really operate. He notes, on page 25:

    Besides, students know somebody somewhere will waive some requirement and allow them to get by (pass) without learning this skill or acquiring that content or core knowledge. Grades will be inflated and diplomas given (literally). American colleges will continue to choose between lowering their own academic standards to accomodate low public school standards or offer incentives to foreign students to fill seats in our college classrooms that our own students are unqualified to fill.

He notes that, in many cases, students only do what they want to do. He observes:

    If the student does not want to read, they say you should not expect him to read and thereby frustrate the child by requiring him to do something contrary to his "learning style." Instead you should read to/for him or allow various other capable students in the class to read aloud…So-called experts now say hearing someone else read is just as good as reading it yourself.

I say “hogwash” to that theory. I know personally that I do not retain nearly as much by hearing something as I do by reading it, and if I read it and don’t grasp something I can go back and reread. Once I’ve heard it, its usually gone. But then, the idea with public schools today is not to have the student retain too much—just enough to pass the yearly test, which is supposed to prove how well educated he is. More hogwash! Check into Mr. Murray’s book for a shocking dose of what really goes on in our government schools.

Another thing he mentions, which should concern us all, is how history books are being revised. Of course this has been going on in this country since the 1860s, with the advent of “reconstruction.” He observes that:

    Some so-called social studies textbooks targeting middle schoolers depict Islam as a positive true religion but Christianity as negative and mythical. These California public school textbooks have actually re-written American history, replacing our Judeo-Christian origins with an Islamic heritage…To promote self-esteem among black students, public schools in Atlanta, Cleveland, Detroit, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Oakland, Washington and Portland deliberately falsified history textbooks with what is called "Afro-centric curricula." For example, did you know the great Greek philosopher Socrates was African? Me either. Aristotle, also African, studied philosophy at the library in Alexandria, Egypt, which was quite a feat since that library wasn’t started until 25 years after he died.

This is the type of drivel public school youngsters are plied with nowadays. But then, is this really new? When the government school system, replete with Yankee teachers and curriculum, moved South after the War of Northern Aggression, as a major part of “reconstruction” they came South to rewrite our history because, after all, the winners do get to (re) write the history books don’t they? And so Southern children were brainwashed into thinking that what their grandfathers fought for was wrong, and thus began the inculcation of the Yankee/Marxist mindset in the South that has continued apace until this very day. It goes on even as I write this.

The Bible states that knowing the truth will set us free. It first of all refers to the spiritual bondage that Jesus Christ came to release us from, but in principle it also refers to all other areas of life. Yet we in our day are far from free. For the most part we don’t know the truth of our history and heritage, and that is by design. We have been mostly brainwashed with lies, and so we are still in a form of historical bondage—even as our captors whisper in our ear that we are “the freest country in the world. ” Sound familiar?

We remain so blind to the truth and so ensnared by historical myths and lies that we don’t realise the first thing we need to do to begin to find out the truth is to get our kids out of those brain laundries we call public schools—the same ones where we were “educated” and lied to. For Heaven’s sake, let us begin to take our children (secede) out of these institutions of “learning” and begin to learn some real history ourselves so we can pass it along to our kids. Once you begin, it’s a life-long search, but if you are sincere before the Lord in doing such you will never be sorry.

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