"the State"…again…
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A short “exchange” between Mr. Morris of “the State” and myself. It would appear that the flag opponents in South Carolina (like most of our opponents) are loathe to answer the tough questions and the clones at “the State” are no exception.

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Re: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/story/865711.html 
A few questions, for which I would appreciate some answers: 
First, if by chance one of you “opinion” maker clones at “the State” were to, perhaps, render an “opinion” which was the opposite of the one you rendered in the above op/ed piece, how long would it be before that writer received a pink slip from his corporate employer in his mailbox? Rhetorical question – we both know the answer is – “in a New York minute.” So then, the question begs, do “the State” and its genetically engineered clones actually represent the opinion of the people of South Carolina? 
Second, as I recall, this flag issue was resolved in 2000 via a compromise between anti-flag forces and pro-flag forces. Legislators on both sides of the aisle resolved to move the flag from atop the Statehouse to its present location at a monument on the Statehouse grounds. My question is – what happened to that compromise? Many who supported the flag remaining atop the Statehouse counseled at the time that you cannot negotiate or compromise with bullies. From where I sit, it would appear that their counsel was correct. So then, I ask, what happened to that compromise? 
Third, regarding “…removing that symbol of racism, the Confederate flag, from the Statehouse grounds….” Err, who says it is a “symbol of racism?” You? The NAACP? Who says that your “opinion,” or the NAACP’s, gets to rule? And what about those South Carolinians who don’t feel that way? We both know that there are a lot of them so don’t try and tell me different. It is their pressure which keeps the flag right where it is via the pressure that they put on lawmakers. So then, do the opinions of these tax-paying citizens count for anything in your little minds? Where is it written that their opinions must take a back seat to someone else’s? Enlighten me oh great “opinion” maker. “Enquiring minds want to know” and I am just dying to hear your rationale on this matter. 
Fourth – let me get this straight, Lonnie Randolph and the NAACP want the flag off the Statehouse grounds, despite the feelings of a large part of South Carolina’s citizenry. My question is, who died and made Lonnie Randolph (or the NAACP) king??? I have been looking for an answer to questions like this for years, but no one seems either willing or able to answer it. Perhaps you could take a crack at it? 
Fifth, a question about the Rosa Parks analogy, that being, if she had “given up,” that Montgomery would never have desegregated its buses. Very dramatic – but I don’t get it. I know that whenever anyone mentions the hallowed name of “Rosa Parks” that I am supposed to cease all rational thought and fall upon my knees gushing with reverence – but it ain’t happening!? So tell me, Mr. “Opinion” maker, (or perhaps you, Lonnie Randolph, if you’re hiding somewhere out there), how is the story of a woman trying to sit in the front of a bus remotely like a bunch of bullies (the NAACP) trying to frighten the citizens of an entire state into towing the party line? Randolph’s statement seems to have the stench of political grandstanding, but perhaps I have missed something – so explain it to me. 
Finally, I have a suggestion for all of you. Want to put this issue to bed once and for all? Then have a STATE REFERENDUM on the matter, the way Mississippi did in 2001 when residents of that state voted on changing the state flag to one which did not include the Confederate battle emblem. (In case you’ve forgotten the old flag won by a 2-1 margin!) . We all know that you would never push for such a referendum though. You know damn well what the results would be!
Bill Vallante
Commack NY
SCV Camps 3000, 1506, 1369, (Associate Member) 


From: Morris, Ron rmorris@thestate.com
To: "Bill Vallante" wildbill4dixie@yahoo.com
Date: Monday, August 3, 2009
My short answer to your questions:
Why not just do what is right for a change, something that is rarely done in South Carolina. Move the flag to a museum where it can be in a place of honor and offend no one.

From: Bill Vallante mailto:wildbill4dixie@yahoo.com
Sent: Mon 8/3/2009
To: Morris, Ron
And who determines "what’s right?" You??? Lonnie Randolph? 
Your short answer is really no answer – maybe my questions required too much thought for your pea brain. Ok, here’s a shortie….. 
From: Morris, Ron rmorris@thestate.com
To: "Bill Vallante" wildbill4dixie@yahoo.com
Date: Monday, August 3, 2009
As I’m sure you recognized, my story was a column, which means I offer my opinion. That’s all it is. My opinion. I certainly respect your opinion on the matter. I just happen to disagree.

Monday, August 3, 2009
From: "Bill Vallante" wildbill4dixie@yahoo.com
To: "RonMorris" rmorris@thestate.com 
Maybe the next time you offer an "opinion" on this subject you could address some of my questions. It appears that few if any who hold your "opinion" on this matter are inclined to do so. Simply leveling charges of "racism" or babbling "do the right thing" or making idiotic analogies (i.e. Rosa Parks) which hold no water whatsoever, won’t cut it. Some of us out here still haven’t put our brains on hold will continue to ask the difficult questions.