Slavery is best represented by the "Stars & Stripes"


Mr. Pitts,

We in the South, Black & White have been enslaved for 143 years and counting. If there ever was a flag that truly represented slavery the Yankee Banner "Stars & Stripes" should have the honor.

In the last ten years alone working people in the U.S. have lost over 60% of their purchasing power with the fall in the Yankee dollar. Confederate currency is worth more than it is today.

Working people are being cheated out of their wages by a tyrannical government bent on total control of the population through the Federal Reserve Bankers.

When the whole population opens its eyes and see what’s happening to their earnings, everyone including you Mr. Pitts will be up in arms fighting to preserve freedom & liberty.

Please quit denigrating the "Stars & Bars" our ancestors followed in battle to their deaths to preserve true liberty defending their homes & country from the Yankee invasion in 1861from enforcement of Mr. Lincoln’s "NEW" 50% tariff on the Southern States. In 2008 no one’s property is safe from the tentacles of the federal government. Human slavery could have ended in 1861 without killing 600,000 Americans. We lost our Republic & Constitution and have yet to regain the two.

I will be glad to sit down with you anywhere, anytime, anyplace and debate the reasons for the war and the honor due my great-grandfathers for fighting to protect their homes & farms.

Yes in God’s Providence, human slavery ended and economic slavery began. And the Southerners who fought had only the cloths on their backs and faith in the "Good LORD" left after surrendering their "Liberty" to the Union Army.

You see Mr. Pitts, I have not surrendered, nor will I surrender to the Yankee government, we currently have in Washington. I farmed for 30 years, only to be forced from my "Home & Farm" by them. I am still fighting in Federal court to get my property back. #3:06cv 541HTW Southern District of Mississippi.

Soli Deo Gloria!

Clyde Magee