A Southerner in Washington D.C. sends a powerful message: The South is our land!

August 7, 2013

The following was written by Johnny UnReconstructed, a Southern Activist who is working to protect his community from Federal tyranny. He recently took a trip to Washington D.C., and visited many prominent locations in the Federal Capitol. He describes his journey below…

So why did I feel it necessary to have my picture taken with a Confederate Battle Flag in D.C.? To be a troll? Because I am bitter? Bored? Attention?

I actually prefer to fly under the radar and shun attention. So why? Because, I live here. The South is my homeland. It’s that simple. You don’t need my answer with a priori or a posteriori reasoning. I’m done speaking in hayseed talk. I’m done speaking in Abbeville talk. I live here. The South is my homeland.

I first realized the power of a Confederate Battle Flag when posing for a pic of it at the Lee Mansion at Arlington. Looks of disgust. At Robert E. Lee’s home! What began as just having a good time with one of my brothers ended in carrying colors onto an enemy battlefield. The National Park Service guide sure laid on ‘Lee was considered a traitor’ line quite much in the background with tourists once he saw the unfurling of a Battle Flag. It’s then I realized the mere sight of such a flag brought fear and hatred at its unfurling. Why fly a Confederate flag at the Lee Mansion? Because we live here. The South is our land.

I thought it not an oversight that George Washington Parke Custis’ grave alongside with his wife lay nearly forgotten within Arlington Cemetery. I visited the graves. I don’t understand Custis’ man worship of Washington. But, I know two things. Custis loved Washington for adopting him as his own son. Washington raised him as his own son. I would also love and admire such a man. And, I know that Custis’ daughter loved her parents, loved her husband, loved her children, loved her homeland, loved her Arlington, and loved her Lord and Savior Christ Jesus. There would have been no Arlington or Washington relics without Cusits. Yet, he is treated at Arlington like some forgotten stepchild. Hence, my disgust when seeing the Kennedy’s and Robert McNamara’s graves in front of his home. Let alone all the other graves there and the Imperial theft of Arlington. Why would it upset me? Because we live here. The South is our land.

So, why pose for a pic of a Confederate Battle Flag inside the Lincoln Memorial (You can see this photo here). You call it a Memorial. I call it a temple to a false god. America’s secular god. In terms of civil religion, the Temple of Lincoln exists as America’s Holy of Holies. If you really think that temple is not religious in nature, then I would say just quit reading my thoughts right now. Honey Boo Boo is on TV some where. It’s calling you. I entered America’s holy of false holies almost like Pompey entering the Jewish temple. Unlike Pompey, I did not see the awe in the Temple of Lincoln. I saw an affront to Christ Jesus. And, I saw an affront to freedom and the South. I was courteous before I posed for the pic. I let others get their pictures taken before me. The person right before me was a young Black child having a great time. He reminded me of the times my Dad took me to historical places. I fully raised the Confederate Battle Flag knowing I may not make it out of the temple without a fight. I was violating sacred ground, sacred space, and America’s Caesar. One guy called me jerk. I made it out alive. But, why did I pose for the pic? Very simple. Lincoln was a tyrant. He forever changed the nature of American government. He sent an invading army into my homeland subjugating us. And thus, bringing Progressiveness and unGodliness to my land. The foreign army still occupies our land. We live here. The South is our land.

Lastly, let me explain my pic before the Capitol. An ex or current military man came up to me threatening violence and cursing at me after I unfurled the colors at the Capitol Building. He reminded me of two things. One, he was why I don’t support the troops. Not only have American wars led to a loss of liberties at home, not only do Imperial troops still occupy the South, but his arrogance in demanding I give him respect because he served in the USMC knew no bounds. Two, the current generation of U.S. troops possess some thing I have never seen in WW2, Korean, and Viet Nam vets. He possessed no humility. He demanded I respect him. I have never encountered such veterans from pre-1991 military service. My grandfather lost his brother in WW2 and never expected others to kneel at his feet for his brother’s sacrifice. These current batch of soldiers are not only a product of the Warfare-Welfare State, but they are also a product improper parenting.

I realized what some thought was trolling, photo-ops, attention seeking, boredom, was really carrying a Battle Flag into a modern day battle and drawing a line in the sand. Why? No more. No more retreat. No more occupation. No more emasculation. No more demographic replacement. No more attacks upon Christ Jesus. No more attacks upon the South. No more attacks on our liberties. Why? Because we live here. The South is our land.

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