The South will forever be vilified

The youngest Confederate lieutenant general, Stephen D. Lee (9-12-1833 to 5-28-1908), once charged the Sons of Confederate Veterans with the perpetual responsibility of vindicating the confederate soldier by communicating accurate history surrounding the War Between The States.

Universal knowledge at the end of the war foretold the history written by the victors would be skewed to exonerate all actions of the federal government leading up to the war, during the war, during Reconstruction and continuing today. The South will forever be vilified. Being a doctorate historian is not prerequisite to reading and understanding.

An Alabama columnist wrote in April "Lincoln’s platform as the newly minted Republican Party candidate was to abolish slavery." If that were so, why is it that in his 1861 inaugural speech he clearly states that he doesn’t care one way or the other if slavery exists or not? Only secession would bring him to war. We seceded and Lincoln sent several fully armed military ships to Fort Sumter masquerading as supply ships to incite Edmund Ruffin’s first shot.

Another proclaimed historian appearing in our op-ed section in recent years expressed disdain over the League of the South’s billboard that said "Secede." He suggested that the word be supplanted by "Slavery." I wasn’t surprised when Alvin Benn revealed to us that this gentleman is an active Air Force historian.

Our federal government spends $5 billion a year to launder mayhem and propagandize its angel of democracy image at home and abroad.

Charlie Graham