The Sons Of Judas
An Editorial

By T.E. Compton
9 March 2003

"Then one of the twelve, called Judas Iscariot, went unto the chief priests, And said unto them, What will ye give me, and I will deliver Him unto you? And they covenanted with him for thirty pieces of silver." – Matthew 26:14-15

There is a raging debate over the official state flag in Georgia. A debate created by the former governor – Roy Barnes and his fellow travelers in the legislature. The history of this struggle began when Barnes and Co. betrayed the people of that great state, by secretly deciding, to change the standard, that has flown proudly over the business and progress of Georgia since 1956, without consenting and independent of, the will of the citizens. Without question, the flag debate and Sonny Perdue’s promise of a referendum, were instrumental, in determining the outcome of last November’s election.

Make no mistake, the election of November 2002, shook the power elites in Atlanta, to their cores. The result was declared to be one of the greatest upsets in American election history. The Republican Party at once achieved, what seemed to be impossible – the near complete rout of the Democrats – and at the same time, totally missed the reason why.

Within hours, of Perdue’s victory, the small, unelected cabal, that brokers power, in Georgia, began the process of spinning the election to protect their interests. The newspapers, led up by that great organ of the leftist establishment – The Atlanta Journal Constitution – sought to convince the world that the defeat of Roy Barnes and Co. was due to a "rural White uprising". In other words, it was being admitted, that while it was believed that the great "unwashed" in the back country, had been sufficiently shamed and cowed, by the establishment, Atlanta propagandist’s, constant campaign to label anyone, who even considered supporting "that flag" as "insensitive racist who wished to retard Georgia’s social and economic progress" the rural voter still, inexplicably, adhered to the "myth of heritage not hate."

Despite the establishment’s own confession, of the failure of the standard propaganda, in turning native Georgians, against the soldiers flag, the press proceeded to unleash an unprecedented shelling of the same, in an attempt to prevent a meaningful referendum, on the fate of the state flag. When it became obvious, that Perdue, would call for a referendum, no matter what, the establishment changed gears, somewhat, and began trying to set the terms of that vote.

As this whole shameful affair has progressed, the NAACP – little more that a race baiting wing of the Democrat Party – has also attempted to terrify the Black community with baseless boggieman stories and thus prevent a referendum. One can scarcely see a day pass, without cries from some "civil rights leader" (read Democratic party operative) of: "That flag is a painful reminder of slavery!" or "That flag is a divisive symbol" and "They are attempting to resurrect segregation!" Some of these prophets of doom have even went so far as to predict a "return" to the lynching of Blacks! The alarmist rhetoric of these schnook’s reads like a Stalinist version of a Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale!

The establishment is getting desperate, in light of their recent failures, to control events. Thus the next chapter has unfolded and now we are witnessing a very public flexing of muscles, on the part of, Atlanta big business. If they can not stop this referendum, with threats of branding those who would support the flag as, "racist" or with unfounded fears of 100 years of darkness and segregation then they will employ predictions of the dreaded curse of economic ruin. So now they are telling their latest dark fairy tale. Here for all the world to see, is the ugly truth. Atlanta’s masters fear, business pull-outs, loss of tourism dollars, followed by an awful time of hunger and pox! For while the people of Georgia do not buy into fears of being branded as "racist". The Atlanta business community, worry they will fall victim, as did Robespierre, to the baseless hysteria and hate, they have helped to create. "What will the rest of the country think of us!" they cry with ever increasing shrillness.

Never mind that Georgia saw it’s greatest period of growth under the ’56 flag. Forget the fact that segregation came to an end and the state saw the eventual rise of the Black community, to a place of social and economic equality, all under the soldiers flag. These things do not matter. What does matter to the establishment is the complete removal of anything that reminds the world that Georgia was once foremost among her sister states in fighting for her liberty and the right of states to govern themselves.

Spineless and without honor, the Atlanta business community, rather that set the record straight, about the meaning of the ’56 flag. Has sold it’s soul to a gang of race hustlers, who are using baseless fear and the promise of easy money, to obtain illegitimate power. They then use this power, as a tool, to extract millions of dollars, from American businesses. The flag fight, in truth, is part of the greatest shakedown in all history! The business and elected leaders, of the great state of Georgia, are betraying their own citizens, workers and their heritage, in the name of political correctness (read profit). This fight, is about much more than a piece of cloth. It is about who has the right to determine Georgia’s future and how it’s past will be remembered. It is this writers unshakable conviction, that decision is the purview of the people and the people only.

Below is a partial list of anti-flag business leaders. Special thanks to our faithful readers who supplied much of the following information.

"HOST", an Atlanta – based hospitality industry PAC, is funded by companies with reason to reward flag-change supporters. It sent nearly $115,000 worth of contributions almost exclusively to incumbents in contested races who voted to change the flag,

HOST is a front PAC for the ACVB

CVB CEO Spurgeon Richardson said about Barnes changing flag, "We are fired up. We’re ecstatic."

William Pate, Chairman
Sprugeon Richardson, President
Atlanta Convention Visitors Bureau (ACVB)
233 Peachtree Street, #100
Atlanta, Ga. 30303

Arthur Blank
Atlanta Chamber of Commerce
235 Andrew Young International Blvd.
Atlanta, Ga. 30303

Arthur Blank
Atlanta Falcons
4400 Falcons Pkwy
Flowery Branch, Ga. 30542

Charles Hood, who handles governmental affairs for Atlanta-based Georgia Pacific, said his company used a list of flag-change supporters to target nearly $43,000 it donated to lawmakers this year.

Pete Correll
Georgia-Pacific Corp.
133 Peachtree Street
Atlanta, Ga. 30303

Douf Daft
One Coke Plaza
Atlanta, Ga. 30313

Ted Kanatas
Hyatt Regency
265 Peachtree Street
Atlanta, Ga. 30303

Jim McManemon
Ritz Carlton
181 Peachtree Street
Atlanta, Ga. 30303

Bill Jones III, president of the Sea Island Co. on the coast, is another member of the hospitality industry backing legislators who voted to change the flag. In August he sent $1,000 checks to 15 House and Senate members who supported the change.

Bill Jones
Sea Island Co.
100 Hudson Place
Sea Island, Ga. 31561

Coca-Cola, Georgia Pacific, SouthTrust Corp., the Georgia Business Political Action Committee and a hospitality industry PAC are spreading hundreds of thousands of dollars to candidates across the state who supported the flag change, according to campaign disclosure records.

Marce Fuller
Mirant Corp.
1155 Perimeter Center West
Atlanta, Ga. 30338

Leo Mullin
Delta Corp.
P.O. Box 20706
Atlanta, Ga. 30320

Tom Cousins
Cousins Corp.
3445 Peachtree Road #175
Atlanta, Ga. 30326

John Williams
Post properties
4401 Northside Pkwy. #800
Atlanta, Ga. 30327

Bob Nardelli
Home Depot
2455 Paces Ferry Road
Atlanta, Ga. 30339

Jim Kennedy
Cox Enterprises
1400 Lake Hearn Drive
Atlanta, Ga. 30319


A self described advocate "for the restoration of limited, constitutional, republican, government", Terry Compton is website editor for SHNV and Dixie Internet.Com. Mr. Compton’s ancestors fought against the Northern Invasion of 1861-1865 as members of Diamond’s 10th Kentucky Calvary under General John Hunt Morgan. He lives with his family in Virginia.

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