The Solution
Folks, if you are one of those interested in saving Alabama`s Confederate State Parks, monuments, memorials, ect, ect. or more importantly if you work for a state department that provides an essential service needed by the citizens of this state you & all concerned parties need to come together & create a Political Action Committee to force politicians to STOP all non – essential state programs like welfare. Then the money saved from shutting down non – essential programs can fund essential programs needed by the citizens of this state.
Non – essential programs are those that neither provide services or jobs to the working taxpaying citizens of this state like welfare. 3rd & 4th generation welfare recipients who get on welfare when they turn 18 years old, finish high school & come up with bogus mental or physical excuses as to why they can`t work must be stopped if essential programs are to survive.
I alone cannot accomplish this & I do not have the knowledge of the intricate working of everything needed to stop this however, many of you do & together we can stop our tax money from being given to these non – essential programs that add nothing to society but, continue to financially drain it.
This is your call to action on ending non – essential programs & I will work with anyone willing to create such a PAC to finally end all of the wastefully, foolish programs in Alabama. If you do not live in this state these same ideas can & need to be implemented in your state & nationally.
If you agree, contact me & lets organize today to stop this insanity.
Billy E. Price
Ashville Alabama