The Second 50 days as Commander in Chief of the Sons of Confederate Veterans
Expecting that the mandates of my first 50 days as Commander in Chief were already set in motion I would: (A.) Petition the U.S. Department of Civil Rights, the Attorney General, the U.S. Department of Education, and the President of the United States for a national symposium on the propaganda that has set the stage for racial and regional divide in the Southland of America and arguably the whole of America into the 21st century; and what it takes to end that divide.
Suggested Discussion Topic
(A) Recompense for Southern families who had property destroyed or stolen during the War Between the States.
(B) Inclusion in the course curriculum of secondary and college courses , the works of authors who give the Southern perspective of the events before and after the War Between the States (DiLorenzo, Ronnie and Donnie Kennedy, Charles Kelly Barrows, Mike Scruggs, Ron Jones, Rev. Dabney, etc.)
(C.) Hostile Courts ; Justice vs. Law / Southern Legal Resource Center
      1. DuPont — Place of National Origin
      2. Tinker and it’s distorted use against White Southern Americans 
      3. Hayes High (Austin, Texas), Blount County High (Blount  County, Tennessee) , Duty (Lexington, Kentucky).
(D) Politicians and their influence in the course of Southern social and cultural genocide. (Southern Heritage 411)
(E) The Confederate Battle Flag
     (1) The significance of the distorted attack on it.
     (2) The ownership (Red, Yellow, Black and White) (The Sons of Confederate Veterans)
(F) The United Daughters of the Confederacy / In The School House; what happened?
(G) Reconstruction
(H) Communism and Dr. Martin Luther King
(I) States Rights vs. Civil Rights
(J) Africa’s Recompense to the Sons of Slaves (Fiscal and Humane)
In Conclusion: The Honorable R.L. Dabney’s Letter to Union General Howard (Head of Freedmans Bureau), June 12, 1865
HK Edgerton